Tamar Braxton’s trying to change

    Tamar Braxton knows she can come off a little harsh sometimes, and she’s trying to change that.

    Tamar admits that it might be a good idea for her to tone it down, and be a little nicer when working with her sisters…or anyone else for that matter.

    "Sometimes, just like I said, I’m not perfect. I’m a work in progress," she told Bossip.com. "I’m working on my delivery, but my standards are still the same."

    As fans of "Braxton Family Values" have seen, whenever the sisters gather to craft a performance, the real show starts waaay before they ever even hit the stage. There are arguments and hurt feelings, and practice is never really complete until Tamar has stormed out at least once.

    The fights usually start when Tamar tries to take control of rehearsal, much to the frustration of her sisters, but the youngest Braxton insists that she’s not doing it to be a brat. She just wants her sisters to step up their game.

    "I’m a perfectionist, and I just wanted the performance to go great," Tamar said. "I’m sorry that I expect excellence, and that’s what I’m going to give and that’s what I expect from everybody else."

    That’s a sentiment that carries over to fans of the show, who have said that they need Tamar to do better with her attitude.

    She shared, "A lot of the fans, they’re kind of hard on me, but Trina [Braxton] didn’t help because she was two-faceded.com"

    However, it seems like working with Tamar has actually helped her sister Towanda [Braxton] in a very unexpected way. Towanda is putting a lot more effort into perfecting her acting skills, and she’s met up with a rather demanding mentor. 

    "I am learning under Terri Vaughn and she’s so sweet…when she wants to be, but when she’s acting and working, she’s a different person," said Towanda. "And that’s something that I love. I need that gut punch sometimes. But she’s great. I’m excited."





    —Sonya Eskridge




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