‘Braxton Family Values’ recap: 1.27.12

    Tamar one-liner: "Bull-dot-your life"

    Toni was the odd woman out on a sisterly trip on the latest episode of "Braxton Family Values."

    While last week’s episode was about the Toni, Tamar, Towanda, Trina and Traci falling apart, this week they tried to pull together.

    It was rough going at first as the sisters couldn’t quite see eye to eye on the issue of Traci’s weight. During their group therapy session, Toni actually told Traci that she needed to lose at least 20 pounds because she is too pretty to be overweight.

    What little resolve Traci had to listen to her sisters was gone in that moment, and you could just see a wall go up. Some fans of the show have noticed that the sisters seem to be a little distanced from Traci. And if there is any image-related criticism to be dished out, Traci seems to get more than her fair share of it.

    In a way, we get the sense that Traci is definitely not part of the sisters’ in-crowd, and she’s had it.

    We’re not sure how we would respond if a family member talked about weight loss as a way to improve our relationship.

    Tamar believes that things tend to be a little cliquish in the family, and she feels as though she’s on the outside as well. Unfortunately, she can’t exactly lean on Tracy for support.  

    Clearly, things could be a little better with the Braxton bunch, so Toni thinks a sisterly getaway might be just the thing to repair their broken bonds.

    She thinks it will force them to "be in each others’ face," thereby forcing them all to get over their issues with each other in order to have fun. Things seem to be  going exactly as Toni planned when they arrive in Arizona.

    After dinner and a round of drinks, the Braxtons headed to the club. After another round of drinks, they decided to do a little cage dancing. Then they took it back to their room for a slumber party.

    And while they enjoyed a few more cocktails, Trina and Tamar tried to get Toni a little more company for the night.


    What a difference a day makes. Toni’s seems to have changed her tune about spending so much time with her sisters.

    She decided that maybe a day of fun out in the sun and dust wasn’t exactly for her, but a trip to the spa was a perfect alternative. As the others rode horses and shot pistols, Toni was getting pampered.

    That separation lasted through the remainder of their trip. It’s kind of sad that she got the least out of the trip that she suggested.


    —Sonya Eskridge



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