Evelyn Lozada bashes ex-BFF

    Evelyn Lozada lashed out at Jennifer Williams this week on Twitter.

    The beef between Evelyn and Jen reached a whole new level as Evelyn blasted her ex-BFF in a twitter tirade.

    The once-close castmates have been on the outs for months, but it’s still not clear why exactly the pair stopped talking. Over the last few months people have accused Evelyn and Jen of sending subliminal tweets about one another and taking thinly veiled shots.

    While neither of them has ever confirmed that they were posting about each other since season 3 of "Basketball Wives" wrapped up, Evelyn took the gloves off on Thursday.

    "@iamjennifer No matter how long u walk around with those purple contacts u will never be a White girl! #Insecure[A$$]," Evelyn tweeted yesterday, specifically naming Jennifer. Up until now, neither of them has tweeted about  the other directly.

    Evelyn even challenged Jen, tweeting, "Let’s talk boo! You will never WIN!"

    Before things got even more out of hand, Evelyn’s man Chad Ochocinco jumped in to end the rant. 

    "@EvelynLozada Do not send another tweet out if it’s not positive," he advised. Evelyn took heed of his suggestion, stating, "The man has spoken ***DROPS MIC***"

    After all was said and done, though, Evelyn’s Twitter privileges were temporarily suspended, but she had them back just in time to greet her followers in the morning. "I was sent to Twitter jail yesterday," she admitted.



    —Sonya Eskridge




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