T.O. trying to bounce back

    After putting his trust in the wrong people, Terrell Owens said he’s now focusing on his family and trying to return to the NFL.

    “I’m doing my own thing. I just gotta start over. Right now, my family is more important than two friends,” said T.O. in reference to former gal pals and reality TV co-stars Monique Jackson and Kita Williams.

    While he didn’t bash the executive producers of his now-defunct series, “The T.O. Show,” Wendy Williams summed things up bluntly: “They double-crossed him,” she said, explaining that the two women sought their own series without him and didn’t tell him about their plan to branch off.

    “Right now I’m on a solo mission,” he said.

    As sad as broken friendships can be, his damaged relationships with Mo and Kita aren’t T.O.’s biggest problem. The former NFL star who once earned $10 to $12 million a year and was worth an estimated $50 million, is now just about broke.

    He’s now earning a little more than $500 a game in the Indoor Football League.

    “I’m just trying to use that to kinda keep myself in shape,” said T.O., optimistic about his return to the NFL and doubtful that he’ll get hurt in the process.

    “They can’t hit what they can’t touch,” he joked.

    Unlike some celebrities, it wasn’t big spending or extravagant living that all but wiped out T.O.’s bank account. He lost his money in bad investments, and one friend stole $300,000 from him; although, the bank compensated him for that loss.

    T.O. doesn’t lay all the blame on those who did him dirty, though. “I do take responsibility. I should have been on top of my finances,” he admitted.

    In addition, there was the $45,000 in child support that T.O. was paying. That number was based off his 2006 salary, which was in the millions. His monthly child support for his four kids has since been adjusted.

    While T.O., 38, said he loves his children, he’s not bragging about the fact that each has a different mother, none of whom was a serious significant.

    “I’m not proud of that situation. I love my kids,” he said.

    Speaking of love, T.O. defended his friend Chad Ochocinco when Wendy Williams stressed that she doubted the authenticity of Chad’s relationship with “Basketball Wives” star Evelyn Lozada.

    “They’re getting married,” T.O. said.


    Watch what Wendy had to say about T.O. after the show.

    —Tracy L. Scott



    Was it T.O.’s fault that he wasn’t about his business and allowed people to take advantage of him, or should celebs be able to let their guards down and trust? Leave your comments below.


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