Viola Davis wins at SAG Awards

    Rack up another victory for Viola Davis, who took home a huge honor at the SAG Awards on Sunday.

    She may have missed out at the Golden Globes, but this win is another accolade from artistic insiders. Nearly three weeks after snagging the Critic’s Choice Award for Best Actress, Viola accepted the SAG Award for Best Actress because of her outstanding performance as Aibileen Clark in The Help.

    Overcome by emotion, Viola thanked two women who paved the way for her own career. The honor was a long time coming for Viola, who knew exactly what she wanted to be from a very young age.

    "I was 8 years old when I decided to be an actor," she opened, giving a nod to her The Help co-star, Cicely Tyson. "I am just so privileged to be gazing on the beautiful face of the woman who inspired me."

    Viola also mentioned Meryl Streep, who won Best Actress at The Golden Globes. She credits Cicely and Meryl as examples of women who showed her that it is possible to live her dream, which she held very dear. For Viola, letting go of her dream would have cost far too much.

    "What is there, but a dream? You can’t trade in your dream for another dream. I am so proud to be an actor," Viola said before offering up some advice. "Dream big and dream fierce."

    Octavia Spencer was breathless as she accepted the SAG Award for Best Supporting Actress. It’s her third major award this season after taking home the same prize at the Critic’s Choice Awards and The Golden Globes.

    Even after all of her success as result of The Help, she’s still very mindful of the deeper significance of her role as Minny Jackson.

    "I have to say it was a privilege to work on a film that gave a voice to so many women, who made it possible for me to be standing here tonight." Octavia said. "By honoring me, you honor them."

    She added, "I also want to thank an unsung hero of The Help: Medgar Evers and his family."

    Octavia also thanked everyone that made an effort to support The Help and dedicated her award to  "the downtrodden, the under-served, the under-privileged, the overtaxed—whether emotionally, physically and financially."


    There was still one more victory in story for The Help as the film also won the award for Outstanding Performance by A Cast.




    —Sonya Eskridge




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