Denzel Washington mildly injured on set

    Denzel Washington was mildly injured while filming a car stunt for the new film, Safe House.

    According to the Oscar winner, he was in a car that was being operated by someone outside the vehicle. Denzel was handcuffed and reaching over the driver’s seat to attack co-star Ryan Reynolds.

    “Just as I was reaching forward, Ryan’s head was whipping back, and my eye just closed shut and went black,” Denzel told “Access Hollywood.”

    Although he’s had to perform stunts in several other action movies, such as Ricochet and Unstoppable, Denzel said it was his first time sustaining an injury that a lot of people experience as teens.

    "I got my first black eye ever in my life in this film,” he said. “I tried to make [Ryan] feel as bad as I possibly could,” Denzel joked.

    While Denzel got hurt during the filming, his character is the one hurting people in the movie.

    “My character is a sociopath who’s a traitor. He’s giving up on his country. He’ll do whatever it takes to win,” he said.

    Although there’s a lot of action in the movie, Denzel isn’t quite sure that Safe House should be categorized in that genre.

    “I don’t know if it’s an action movie, or if it’s more of a thriller,” said Denzel, who has garnered Oscar nominations for roles that some consider controversial.

    In 1990, he won an Academy Award for his portrayal of a former slave turned soldier in Glory. In 2002, he took home the trophy for his role as a corrupt officer in Training Day.

    While Denzel said he doesn’t think of his characters as either heroes or villains, it seems he does have a preference.

    “I guess it’s cliché to say, but bad guys have more fun," he told “Entertainment Tonight.”

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    —Tracy L. Scott



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