Olivia debuts ‘Walk Away’

    Olivia is tackling the issue of domestic violence in her new video for "Walk Away."

    There are two sides to every breakup, and sometimes the person that walks away really needs to run. 

    Olivia isn’t the star of her video this time around, opting to play the role of a sympathetic friend that is begging her girl to leave her abusive relationship. She even enlists the help of relationship coach Tionna Smalls to help the victim get her mind right.

    While "Walk Away" doesn’t actually show the heroine getting hit, it definitely alludes to some physical violence. The other issue in the video is that the abuser is blatantly unfaithful to his girlfriend.

    All of the jarring images are cut with more loving scenes to illustrate just how unstable the relationship is. One minute the couple is fighting and the next they’re snuggling on the couch.

    The video kind of ends with a cliffhanger. Just as the main girl has decided to leave, her man catches her and it looks as though she can’t decide whether to stay with him or leave. As the shot fades to black, the director pops up a staggering statistic about domestic violence.




    —Sonya Eskridge




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