Star Jones gaining again?

    Could Star Jones be packing on the pounds over a man?

    Nearly 9 years after she dropped more than half her body weight, friends are concerned that Star is headed right back to being a big girl.

    The National Enquirer reports that Star has gained more than 37 pounds over the last few months and it’s all due to her love life.

    Supposedly, Star is having some separation anxiety as her boyfriend, chef Herb Wilson, has moved from New York to Las Vegas for business. Someone close to the TV personality said that it has triggered a binge. 

    “Star’s turned back to her first love—food—for comfort,” the source claims. “She knows it’s dangerous, but there are days she’s so sad she snacks on junk food all day."

    The friend said that Star is worried that the relocation will mean the end of their relationship.

    “Star knows over time she and Herb will see less and less of one another and, besides, there are so many beautiful women in Vegas that eventually he will start to date someone else," the insider said. “Star feels it’s inevitable.”

    If the gossip is true, what has Star been gobbling down? The tipster claims that she is going for classic comfort foods.

    “She loves the breakfast sandwiches from fast food restaurants, mac and cheese for lunch and sometimes a whole pizza for dinner,” the so-called friend rattled off.

    “But the worst is at night when she’s home alone. She’ll sit in bed, watching TV, downing a couple of double cheeseburgers and orders of fries," the source added. “She’s past the 5,000 calorie-a-day mark but should be eating less than 2,000.”

    Star has yet to comment on the gossip at this time.



    —Sonya Eskridge




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