Michelle Obama talks presidential tune

    America might have gone mad when President Barack Obama sang some Al Green, but it’s old news for his wife.

    During her visit to the "Tonight Show," host Jay Leno asked First Lady Michelle Obama for the inside scoop on the president’s impromptu concert. Unfortunately, she couldn’t give up any goods because she didn’t know anything about it until after it happened.

    "That was completely spontaneous. I didn’t even hear about it until it got on YouTube," Michelle shared. "But he does have a beautiful voice, and he sings to me all the time."

    Michelle even tried to imitate his serenades, but had to note that her voice isn’t quite on par with her husband’s. In general, though, the first lady said she didn’t really miss anything out of the ordinary because Barack sings all the time.

    "He doesn’t hesitate to show off his lungs to his wife," Michelle explained with a smile. "He sings a lot of Al Green, Marvin Gaye…a little Stevie [Wonder]. He likes the classics."

    While the president may have caused a sensation by singing the opening line of "Let’s Stay Together," Michelle admitted that their daughters were not as impressed as the rest of the country.

    But what did she think of Mitt Romney, a prospective GOP presidential candidate, singing "America the Beautiful" earlier on the show? Find out below!




    –Sonya Eskridge




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