Tionna Smalls has advice for good girls

    Relationship guru Tionna Smalls has a reality check for some women out there who don’t know why they can’t get a man.

    “Men do not like nice girls, and nice girls are finishing last. So sometimes you gotta treat a man like you don’t care,” Tionna recently told the DJs at Power 105.1 in New York.

    “We’re talking about if you want to get in a relationship with a girl, you ain‘t gonna want to wife a girl who’s going to let you do whatever you want to do,” said the author of the new book, Men Love Abuse.
    Tionna, who is engaged but has apparently lost her wedding ring (along with about 30 pounds), doesn’t claim to have all the answers. As a matter of fact, when it comes to her former co-star and love-seeker, Chilli of TLC, Tionna is still a bit baffled; although, she has strong opinions.

    “She doesn’t know what she wants. She got the man that she wanted. It’s a dead president on a bill,” said Tionna, who described Chilli as “delusional.”

    “She never knew the principles it took to get a man or keep a man,” said Tionna, who believes that Chilli really wanted a relationship with her “platonic” friend, boxer Floyd Mayweather.

    “Floyd wanted her as a friend. Some guys, no matter how fine you are or how beautiful you are, they just don’t want you. You just have to take your L sometimes,” she said, before acknowledging that Floyd is now engaged to a younger woman.

    “Chilli’s more stuck in her ways. He wanted a girl he could mold a little bit.”

    Tionna also talks more about her fiancé, her boobs and her book. Watch.


    —Tracy L. Scott



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