Ashanti getting back to business

    It’s been more than three years since Ashanti’s last album, and the singer is back with a new outlook on her career.

    "It’s about learning the behind the scenes to become a better businesswoman and a mogul-er,” she told “Access Hollywood.”

    At 31, the singer isn’t just focused on music, but she’s about the game, and she’s come to play.

    “I had to approach things differently businesswise. I have my own record label called Written Entertainment which I’m super-excited about and just being with the majors it taught me that I need a way bigger percentage than what they were giving me,” she said.

    However, Ashanti is easing in slowly recognizing that the music industry has changed since she’s been away.

    “It felt like the industry was changing dramatically in those past three years. Three years is a long time,” said Ashanti, who decided to take a step back after her former label Murder Inc. ran into a little trouble.

    "The label I was with kinda fell under an indictment, and that actually put a hold on everything. It was like a black cloud I had to come out of. We had to do a lot of damage control. I felt like I wanted to kinda distance myself from that. I did Broadway. I did some films … I had to just kinda regroup,” she said.

    Ashanti also talks about how she stays fit. Watch.

    —Tracy L. Scott

    Do you think it was wise for Ashanti to take a few years off, or would it have been better for her if she’d stayed in the spotlight? Leave your comments below.


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