Sherri Shepherd talks reality TV and prayer

    Sherri Shepherd has made no secret of her ill feelings toward a lot of today’s reality TV shows. “The View” co-host has lit up Twitter more than once sharing her dislike of “Basketball Wives” and similar shows.

    She told Jamie: "It just bothers me to see beautiful Black women who are pulling each other’s hair out."

    However, it turns out that Sherri doesn’t hate all reality shows. There’s at least one reality series that causes her to break out in song.

    Plus, she talks about her friendships with fellow actresses Yvette Nicole Brown, Kym Whitley and Niecy Nash. Do they ever resort to hair-pulling when it comes to competing for roles?

    Read this exclusive excerpt from the interview below.


    Sherri: Well, the thing I like about “The Braxtons”—and that’s my show—is I like the fact that they do try to stay positive. Like, this is a family. It is not the “Jersey Shore.” This is not the daggone Kardashians. They love each other.

    Jamie: Yes, they do. They always have.
    Sherri: If you ask me what reality show I watch, it’s “We Are the Braxtons…” [singing the theme song].

    Jamie: [laughs] I know that you, Niecy Nash, Yvette Nicole Brown and Kym Whitley are all close. How do you guys handle competition between yourselves?
    Sherri: We pray with each other and we tell each other about the auditions. I think my group of girlfriends, we all got a healthy self. We know what our purpose is. Niecy knows that what God has for her, I can’t do. And what God has for me, Niecy can’t do. It’s the same thing with Yvette and same thing with Kym. There was one sitcom Kym was on and she’s like, “Girl, I can’t do this.” And I came out there to Los Angeles; I came to the set and prayed with her and gave her my experience in doing sitcoms. And they’re so supportive. Kym calls me all the time, and she be like, “Girl, I watched you on ‘The View,’ and when you said this, buh buh buh buh buh.’” And Yvette prays with me. So we rejoice with each other.

    Sherri talks to Jamie about why she’s not a fan of "Basketball Wives." Listen.

    Get the full interview and more on Sherri’s happy marriage in the March 2012 issue of Sister 2 Sister.

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