Angelea Preston talks ‘ANTM’ rebound

    “America’s Next Top Model” alumna, Angelea Preston, seems to be handling her unexpected and unprecedented elimination from the All-Star season of the series in stride.

    “I loved my time on ‘America’s Next Top Model,’ and I’m so grateful to the producers and to Tyra [Banks] for giving me the chance to showcase my work in that way,” Angelea told Elle Girl magazine before extending kudos to the season winner.

    “Congratulations to Lisa [D’Amato], and I wish her success in all her endeavors,” said Angelea, who made it all the way to the final three in cycle 17 before she was mysteriously disqualified with very little explanation from the show.

    Angelea, coming in as sort of the underdog due to her somewhat rough upbringing, was a fan favorite, showing viewers that she was going to persevere through the negative comments from fellow contestants and criticism from judges.

    “People will tell you you can’t do this. You’re too tall, too short. You need to lose 15 pounds. You need to gain 15 pounds. Everyone who has succeeded has endured negative criticism, but they’ve got something inside them that says ‘you can do it’ and they take every negative comment with a grain of salt,” said Angelea, who said her upbringing helped her keep focus on her goals.

    “I always remember where I come from. I’m from Buffalo, NY, and I didn’t grow up rich. I didn’t grow up poor either, but my parents worked so hard to give me everything, and my goal and my motivation has been wanting something better for myself and my family. They also help keep me grounded,” said Angelea, who has participated in three “ANTM” cycles.

    In cycle 12, she didn’t make it beyond the first episode. For cycle 14, she earned a spot in the semi-finals. Most recently, in cycle 17, she nearly won the title.

    There’s speculation that before she was disqualified, Angelea had actually won the All-Star season. However, the last scene of the show—in which the winner was announced—was reshot to omit Angelea completely.

    Angelea didn’t offer any additional details on her disqualification, but she had some words of advice for those who may one day have to face obstacles themselves.

    “In my personal life and in my career, it was personal growth for me in life that helped me succeed,” she said. "Keep going. Just keep going.”

    —Tracy L. Scott


    Are you still waiting for an explanation for Angelea’s disqualifaction? If invited back, should she return for another "ANTM" cycle? Leave your comments below.



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