Arrest warrant issued for Bow Wow

    Rapper Bow Wow might want to keep a low profile when driving through ATL these days. A Georgia judge has ordered the rapper to be arrested on sight and held in custody.

    Apparently, Bow Wow hasn’t honored a court order to produce legal documents to the plaintiffs in a civil case that involves a bus bill, TMZ reports.

    In 2009 a Tennessee court ordered the rapper to pay almost $100,000 to a tour bus company for allegedly not paying his bill. In efforts to get the ruling enforced, the company filed a lawsuit in Georgia where Bow Wow lives.

    Bow Wow was ordered to show documents regarding the lawsuit. After failure to do so the tour bus company filed a motion to have him held in contempt. The judge granted the motion in October and ordered Bow Wow to be arrested until he produces the documents, but he has yet to be taken into custody.

    Bow Wow doesn’t seem to be moved by the threat, as he tweeted “Been here before…. Haha,” and posted a picture of himself sitting in a jail cell from the TV movie "Carmen: A Hip Hopera."

    He also added, “All i know is im on a World Tour and i gotta sold out show in Paris France tomar. All they doing is making my album gain momentum.”

    —Glynnesha Taylor


    First T.I. got in trouble for riding in a tour bus, and now Bow Wow is having tour bus drama. Do rap artists need to stop with the flashiness and tone it down for their own good? Leave your comments.


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