Yandy Smith talks Chrissy Lampkin beef

    There may have been more to the beef between Chrissy Lampkin and Yandy Smith than "Love & Hip Hop" fans originally thought.

    Although viewers won’t be treated to a face-to-face showdown between Chrissy and Yandy (no reunion, no direct confrontation), the two will still discuss where their relationship went wrong tonight on "Love & Hip Hop: Reality Check."

    It seems that their fallout was sparked by more than just a poorly thought out gift and a discussion about getting checks. Yandy told show producer Mona Scott-Young that Chrissy started getting mad when she felt that Yandy was getting a little too much screen time.

    Originally, Yandy was only supposed to have a supporting part on the show as Jim Jones’ manager, but her initial appearances made such an impression that producers decided to expand her role.

    "Right when those roles got expanded it was like, ‘Oh no. Let me call Jim. Let me call the producers. We got to sit Yandy down because this is my thing,’" Yandy explained.

    Chrissy even showed a bit of her territorial side during a green screen interview, stating, "B*tch, you’re on my show!"

    Yandy also claimed that Jim told her to quit the show, but she decided to stay on because she was under contract with VH1 and getting paid. It’s a move that only served to widen the rift between the former friends.

    "I thought that she would come on the show and represent  Jimmy and grow his brand. I didn’t know that she would be in every crazy incident that happened," Chrissy said in a separately taped sit-down. "She traded her managerial hat in for reality TV.  So there you have it. Now stop asking me about Yandy."

    See what else Yandy and Chrissy had to say about each other when VH1 airs "Love & Hip Hop: Reality Check" at 8 p.m. EST

    Wait, there’s more. 

    Many "Love & Hip Hop" fans are upset that there will not be a traditional reunion, but VH1 will host an online aftershow starting at 9 p.m. You can catch it on the"Love & Hip Hop" Facebook page.


    Get more from Chrissy in the March 2012 issue of Sister 2 Sister.



    —Sonya Eskridge




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