‘Love & Hip Hop: Reality Check’ recap

    Producers for "Love & Hip Hop" went toe-to-toe with the cast on "Love & Hip Hop" Reality Check."

    How disappointing. Much like the season 1 reunion, "Love & Hip Hop: Reality Check" left little resolved, but confrontations were not in short supply.

    On the surface, "Reality Check" was supposed to have given "Love & Hip Hop" fans a look at some of the drama off-camera as the season was being shot and other interesting tidbits of information.

    For example, a now-single Kimbella revealed that her babydaddy Juelz Santana was supposed to have been a bigger part of the show. His screen time should have been comparable to Jim Jones’, but Juelz was having cold feet about appearing with Kimbella.

    Oddly, Kimbella was about the only person in his circle that he had trouble shooting with. “He appeared with Jim; he appeared with Yandy, but we just couldn’t get him to appear on the show with you,” said executive producer Mona Scott-Young. That hitch in production may have been a precursor to Kim and Juelz’s eventual split because he can’t "keep his d*ck in his pants."

    Cast newbie Kimbella made a shocking revelation when she told Emily Bustamente at the beginning of the season that she and Fabolous dated. That, of course, led to the first of many fights this season on "Love & Hip Hop."

    During the season wrap-up, however, Emily revealed that Fab hasn’t owned up to a romantic relationship with Kimbella. He has admitted to sleeping with her though?

    "We talked about it. He said that they never dated. He did say that they had a form of sex," Emily explained. "He said that they didn’t have sexual intercourse but that doesn’t excuse the behavior. People always get mad at me thinking that I blamed her but no, not at all. I blame him."

    Past infidelities aside, Emily is standing by her man. Yep! The stylist revealed that after moving out, she and Fab are officially back together. More than that, Fab is actually being open about their relationship!

    "We are dating still. You know when I first came on I said, ‘Oh, he doesn’t claim me.’ He’s doing all the claiming in the world now," Emily revealed. "Before he was like the star and now we go out and people are like ‘Oh, hey Fab…HEY EMILY!!’"

    Umm…congrats? We’re not sure how much of Fab’s new attitude has to do with Emily’s participation on the show. Afterall, it would be kind of hard for him to continue hiding (or outright denying, take your pick) their involvement if she’s constantly talking about it on "Love & Hip Hop."

    Emily did state that she and Fab are definitely not sleeping together right now. We guess he’s got to earn back those privileges.

    We’re happy for Emily, but we honestly have to wonder if their relationship would be in the same place now if she had never done the show. Just a thought.

    Olivia wasn’t happy with how she was portrayed on the show, and said she felt like they made her out to look "pathetic." We’re not really sure we can disagree since her career struggles and superior attitude were well documented. Viewers did not see a talented, yet humble singer.

    But was her hubris well placed? The "Walk Away" singer revealed that turning down her deal with EMI was actually the right move for her career. That’s because it left her wide open to receive another record deal with the more than $500,000 she was seeking for a contract.

    Okay then, Olivia. Don’t blow it!

    We give her bonus points for finally picking a side in the war between Chrissy Lampkin and Yandy Smith. She backed Yandy because she felt like Chrissy really didn’t do much to ease the tension in their once-amicable relationship.

    Somaya Reece didn’t get as much camera time this season (you noticed how she just disappeared after her date with that producer, right?). The rapper blames that on the fact that her story line this cycle was relatively drama-free.

    But whatever Somaya lacked in dramatics and cattiness, Chrissy and Yandy more than made up for. Once allies in the fight to support Jim and his career, Chrissy and Yandy ended this season of "Love & Hip Hop" as bitter rivals.

    Their relationship soured so much that the ill-will even spread to Yandy’s mentor Mona—yep, the same Mona that acts as the executive producer for the "Love & Hip Hop." Chrissy wouldn’t even have agreed to tape a segment for "Reality Check" if she had to sit down with Mona, who Chrissy feels placed her in a lot of difficult situations.

    One such altercation took place just a day after Jim asked Chrissy to marry him. The cast queen bee revealed that it’s a move that might mean she won’t sign on for another season of "Love & Hip Hop."

    With the exception of Kimbella and Emily, "Love & Hip Hop: Reality Check" sort of felt like the producers attempt at damage control. Mona and her partner were literally explaining and defending their decisions to the cast, whether it was reducing Somaya’s role or setting up or placing more focus on Yandy as the season wore on.

    According to Yandy, her role on the show was the real root of the problem between her and Chrissy. The hip-hop manager more or less claimed that Chrissy did not like sharing the spotlight, which the producers didn’t make any attempt to dispute.

    If anything, they played a clip that made Chrissy look even more territorial, designating "Love & Hip Hop" as her show and crediting herself with much of the series’ success.

    It became pretty clear that Chrissy was getting fed up with the current line of questioning. We’re not sure that producer were necessarily presenting an objective view of the conflict between Chrissy and Yandy.

    That’s what rubbed us the wrong way about this season wrap-up. We weren’t happy that VH1 hadn’t assembled a traditional reunion, but we had to suck it up like the rest of the fans. We were at least hoping that the cast members could really have their say about what went down this season. 

    Not so much.

    As it stands, we were left with the impression that "Love & Hip Hop: Reality Check" was way more about producers explaining themselves to the cast and the shows viewers. If that truly was the case, they didn’t do a very good job of even that. The producers just came off overly defensive about having their say when they had no business getting mixed up in what plays out on screen.

    —Sonya Eskridge






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