Kenya Bell ‘better’ after stabbing charge

    “Basketball Wives” newcomer, Kenya Bell said she’s a better person after dealing with assault charges.

    The wife of baller Charlie Bell, Kenya was detained in 2011 for allegedly attempting to stab her husband; however, she said that isn’t how it went down.

    “First of all, it was all a hot, fiery mess. The truth of the matter is he was not mad. I did not stab my husband,” she told Vibe Vixen.

    “It was [a] horrible experience for me. At this point in my life, I think it changed me for the better because I was taught in that situation that when somebody has problems or issues, it’s not in my place to even try to change them. They need to change them themselves. That’s kind of where that whole drama took me. I think I’m in a better place [now],” said Kenya, who was asked twice to become part of the series.

    While some infamous public figures, like Kim Kardashian, have had luck repairing their public images and endearing themselves to the public through reality shows, it remains to be seen whether Kenya’s reality experience will be similarly positive, or if her rep takes a hit like Meeka Claxton’s did after one season of “BBW.”

    So far, it seems Kenya is getting along well with the returning cast members.

    “I’ve developed some friendships,” she said. “Some of the chicks are really cool. I dig cool chicks that are working hard, trying to do their thing. For the most part, we’re all out here trying to make it. I really appreciate that aspect of some of the women.”

    If restoring her reputation is a goal for Kenya, who already said publicly that she loves co-star Tami Roman, then being one of the first newcomers to the show that does not get into conflict with Tami, Evelyn Lozada or Royce Reed will likely go a long way.

    —Tracy L. Scott


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