Beyoncé, Jay-Z trademark Blue Ivy’s name

    The most famous baby of the moment, Blue Ivy Carter, sets the bar on future endeavors with a possible trademark on her name.

    Having only been here for a month, the young Carter is already causing a stir with businesses clamoring to call their products “Blue Ivy.”

    Parents Jay-Z and Beyoncé have already filed an application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark office to protect the name of their new bundle of joy, according to The Washington Post.  Beyoncé’s parents reportedly advised the superstars not to market the new baby. Then why the need for the patent application?
Jay-Z and Beyoncé have both proven their sharp business acumen, so the patent is likely an attempt to keep their child’s name all to themselves. 

    To date, a New York-based designer tried to trademark “Blue Ivy Carter NYC” while another business tried to lock down “Blue Ivy Carter Glory IV.” Both attempts were shut down, citing that a “very famous infant” already had the name.

    It’s rare that a company would attempt to cash in on a person its executives haven’t even seen, but fans are likely trusting the word of Beyoncé’s BFF, Kelly Rowland, who described Blue as “stunning." 

    When asked if the baby looks like Jay-Z, Beyoncé, or a combo, Kelly simply answered, “That’s for them to share.” 

    Watch Kelly’s interview with "Access Hollywood," below. 

    —Kia Jefferson


    If people love House of Dereon and Rocawear, then are Blue Ivy products just a matter of time?   


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