TSA stops Gabrielle Union for weave

    Gabrielle Union was flabbergasted when TSA agents recently flagged her down over her weave.

    Unbeweaveable! Airport security has taken its job to a whole new level.

    Gabrielle couldn’t contain her disbelief when agents wanted to give her a closer inspection.

    "Ma weave got ‘flagged’ by the bodyscan at security. TSA required a hair patdown. No lie…they coulda just asked if it was the temple hair," the actress tweeted yesterday. "If human hair & thread sets off the bodyscanner…a lot of folks jus ended up on the ‘watch list’…its a weave not terrorism."

    After a a quick look at her locks to make sure she wasn’t sneaking in any contraband, security sent Gabrielle on her way in plenty of time to catch her flight.

    "Bout to take off…hopefully my weave doesn’t cause turbulence…its clearly very powerful :)," she updated before having to shut off her phone.

    Former "Football Wives" star Dawn Neufeld offered her sympathies to Gabby tweeting, "I get stopped every time – the Black female TSA agents understand."

    Gabrielle flipped Dawn’s theory, revealing, "Girl it WAS a black female TSA agent!"

    As odd as the situation my have been, Gabrielle is keeping a good sense of humor about the whole incident and has turned it into a running gag.

    "Came home 2 a dead bird whod flown n2 the glass," she tweeted, "I suspect my weave had something 2 do w/ the bird murder. #killerweave."



    —Sonya Eskridge




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