Yandy Smith hurt by ‘Love & Hip Hop’

    Yandy Smith said her “Love & Hip Hop” experience was indeed reality and a lot of what went down just hurt her feelings.

    “I hate when people say, ‘Ohh! Yandy’s the Don King of reality TV. She’s setting up fights. Yandy’s messy. She’s an instigator,’" Yandy told VH1 before denying that she’s the real fight promoter.

    “I didn’t do it! [The producers] told me to bring them! I didn’t know they were going to fight! How would anyone know that Chrissy [Lampkin] was going to react like that with Kim? Who would know that?” she said, referring to the season premiere bout in which Chrissy sucker-punched Kimbella.

    Yandy also denies she had anything to do with introducing the cast to Erica Mena, a model who quickly found herself tussling with Kim, too.

    “I didn’t have say whether I could meet with Erica or not. You know, she told me she wanted to be managed by me. The producers set up the meeting, and then she was going to be a cast member. I didn’t know Erica prior to the producers introducing her to me. We don’t really have say with who we bring to lunches. They take a storyline and they move with it. And that’s really the bottom line,” she said.

    While those relationships were brand new, Yandy’s friendship with former client Jim Jones preceded the cameras, but Yandy decided it was better to end that partnership and end the conflict with Jim’s fiancée, Chrissy.

    "I’m not someone who gets talked to crazy or one that gets mistreated… I’ve always maintained my relationships, so that was really difficult for me to keep biting my tongue. Someone just kept picking at me. You know? It was just difficult. It got to a point where I just got really tired and I was like, ‘You know what? I’m going to quit because I don’t ever want to disrespect someone’s lady.’ So that’s when I just felt like maybe the best thing for me to do is just walk away from the situation to make things a little easier for him," she said.

    Although she now realizes that some of the negativity directed toward her had little to do with her personally, Yandy said that doesn’t necessarily make her feel better.

    “I don’t take comfort in knowing that someone’s so bothered and just so unhappy that they have to find something to pick at. That doesn’t make me happy. That doesn’t make me comforted,” Yandy said.

    It’s not surprising that what went on in the show bothered Yandy, but she also had to deal with the show’s fans, who were sometimes harsh.

    “It’s crazy. I’ve heard I got a nose job, people put up before and after pictures of me, but they don’t know about makeup contouring. I’ve heard that I have butt implants. I’ve heard that I hosted a party at a gay and lesbian club so I’m a lesbian, I’ve heard so many crazy things, I don’t know how to explain it,” she said.

    “I think people are used to it and know that it’s nonsense. Every single week I hear something new about me and it’s 98 percent false and 2 percent okay,” said Yandy, who is trying not to let it all affect her too much.

    “I won’t let that stuff define me,” she said. “I’ll just roll with the punches.”

    —Tracy L. Scott


    What do you think? Is Yandy a victim or the victimizer? Do you want to see her return if there’s a season 3? Leave your comments below.


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