Mo and Kita tell their side

    Monique Jackson and Kita Williams are disputing rumors that they stole money from former client and friend Terrell Owens.

    “We’ve never stolen ANYTHING from Terrell Owens,” Monique told

    Nonetheless, it seems the two have parted ways with T.O. after 12 years of friendship. Mo and Kita starred with Terrell on VH1’s "The T.O. Show" for three seasons. At one point they were considered his closest confidantes but as of late, not anymore.

    According to Mo and Kita, they felt compelled to speak out after T.O. did an interview on “The Wendy Williams Show” and told Wendy that a friend stole some money from him. However, he didn’t really clarify that he wasn’t referring to Mo and Kita.

    During Wendy’s after show, Wendy assumed that the “friend” was Mo and Kita and said “those two girls ripped him off!” The assumption was based on the fact that T.O. said he no longer speaks to the women.

    Mo and Kita recently told, that this isn’t the first time their relationship with T.O. has been through its ups and downs, but stealing is out of the question. 

    According to the ladies, they are the masterminds behind "The T.O. Show" and have always had T.O’s best interest at heart.

    “When we pitched "The T.O. Show" six years ago, when there wasn’t a ton of reality shows on VH1, we pitched to several networks, and VH1 took a chance on us. That’s how Monique and I became creators. It was our idea. We became co-executive producers because we were behind the scenes doing everything!,” said Kita.

The ladies have experience in the business spanning 15 years. Their client roaster includes: Jay Z, Ludacris, Mariah Carey, Method Money, Def Jam and others.

    In addition to the interview on “The Wendy Williams Show”, T.O. recently told GQ magazine that he had no friends and was broke. 

“He’s mad at the world, “Kita said. 

The ladies are hoping to sit down and talk to T.O. “We love him and we definitely want the best for him.” 

    —Kia Jefferson



Is their hope for this dynamic trio?  Is it time for Mo and Kita to move on?



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