Date Night With Yusuf Myers

    Yusuf Myers has body and personality. The gregarious fitness trainer and model told Sister 2 Sister, “I would never consider myself just a trainer.” Sure he gets celebrities and executives into shape, but he also manages other trainers, runs a non-profit to fight obesity in young adults, and he runs Yusuf Meyers Fitness Services, a company that provides meals that meet the daily calorie intake goals of clients. Yusuf is also launching Pure Results, a supplement company.

    Yusuf reluctantly shared his hectic work schedule because he knows that 17-hour days can be a turn-off to potential love interests. “When you like someone you’ll make time for [dating],” he assured us. He’s the type of guy who’ll send flowers to let you know that he’s thinking of you between squats and meetings. Read on to find out what a date with this buff businessman would be like.


    Sabrina: Are you a talker or a listener?
    Yusuf: I never like to come across as someone who brags, so I’m more of a listener. And I feel like talk is cheap, so it’s more about showing a person what you’re about.

    Sabrina: What are you going to wear? 

    I feel like you can never go wrong in some nice slacks, a vest, and maybe a V-neck and a sports coat. Something nice and fitted to show that you’re in shape. Because I’m always in gym clothes, I love dressing up. 

    Sabrina: What are you listening out for? 

    I want to know if they have goals in life because I’m extremely driven. I want to know if they’re educated, if they want to have kids in the future. Seeing if we’re even compatible.

    Sabrina: What are your dating pet peeves? 

    Obviously, if somebody passes gas. Or if they’re too aggressive and loud. I just want a female to be a lady. 

    Sabrina: Do you pay for everything or should she chip in? 

    No, I always pay. No matter if it’s first, last, three years down the line. I’m big on making the person I’m with feel secure.

    Sabrina: Everything goes well, when do you follow up? 

    I’m always going to call and make sure they got home safe. If it’s too late, I’ll send a text to make sure they got to sleep okay and to tell them that I really enjoyed our date and would like to take them out again whenever they’re available. 

    Find out why Yusuf likes to take his dates dancing, in the March 2012 issue of Sister 2 Sister.

    — Sabrina M. Parker


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