Chrissy Lampkin can’t manage her man

    Jim Jones and Chrissy Lampkin’s love story is a lot longer than most people realize.

    Although the "Love & Hip Hop" couple have been together for more than seven years, they revealed in the March 2012 issue of Sister 2 Sister that they’ve been aware of each other for nearly two decades.

    "I got to meet her when I was, like, 18 when she had the short, curly hair," Jim explained to us. "Fast-forward 10 years and I get to meet her in Miami. I was a little bit nervous—I can’t front. But she was the agressor, just like she gave me the engagement ring."

    Not only was Chrissy the agressor, she was really pressed to talk to Jim, if you let the rapper tell it. "She was sweatin’ me," Jim joked. "I was in the club and she ran down on me like, ‘You don’t know who I am?!’"

    Before Jim could get the story even more twisted around, Chrissy put her spin on things.

    "What happened was, I saw a familiar face from New York and I said hello," Chrissy clarified before turning to Jim. "All of this that I ran up on you? You need to stop telling those lies."

    Getting a little more serious, Jim broke down what initially attracted him to Chrissy.  "She just was real cute. She had a nice body. She ‘s kind of fly, you know," he said, revealing that there was just something special about her that he drew him. Initially, it didn’t matter to him how got to know her, just that he did. "She just intrigued me, and I always wanted to get to know her in some type of way."

    Jim and Chrissy have shared much of their lives on "Love & Hip Hop," including both of their proposals. He actually credits the show with bringing them closer together.

    "I feel that the show has actually made me and Chrissy’s bond stronger, because on the show they made us feel like it’s us against the world," said Jim. "So if we don’t become tighter then that’s just what will happen; they would love to see the young Black couple’s relationship destroyed."

    "That’s what  I mean when I say I have to sit and separate what’s just happened in front of the camera compared to what’s really going on in my life," said Chrissy, who dismissed the notion that she wanted to run his career because it would be the wrong move for their relationship. "If I managed Jim, our home life relationship wouldn’t last 15 minutes."



    —Sonya Eskridge




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