Wendy Williams breaks down over Whitney

    Although Whitney Houston fell more into the “friend in my head” category for Wendy Williams, the talk-show host could hardly speak during her emotional monologue about her fellow Jersey native.

    Like many celebrities, Wendy expressed her shock and sadness over the passing of the R&B songstress.  However, Wendy’s connection to Whitney was different from others. Although the two have never met, Wendy felt extremely close to Whitney because of all the similarities the two shared, not the least of which was their common battle with narcotics.

    “I felt very close to Whitney even though this is a woman that I’ve never met,” Wendy explained. “Some of the things that Whitney and I have in common that bonded us: the love of our mother and father—Mr. Houston since passed, Mrs. Houston and my mother, around the same age—Whitney and I, the same age and both plagued with the demon of substance abuse,” she said before talking about her own addiction.

    "It’s been almost 15 years since I smoked last from a crack pipe. It’s been almost 15 years since I waited on Jerome Ave. in the Bronx for my drugs,” Wendy cried.

    The former radio host, who only interviewed Whitney once, broke down while struggling to even take a breath and failing to hold back tears.

    “I’m not proud of the girl that I was, but without being that girl, I wouldn’t be the woman that I am today,” a choked up Wendy said. “I wished for us both to be really sober and really aware…I just thought we would meet and we would hug and be sober and older.”

    The two never did get a chance to meet; however, nine years ago when they did speak to one another for the public to hear. Wendy interviewed Whitney back in 2003 for WBSL FM. For Wendy, it would be hard to forget the memorable encounter.

    During the interview, Whitney became very irritated with Wendy’s questions relating to drugs, alcohol, sex, and family issues. Whitney became so angry that she repeatedly used profanity. Wendy asked: “Is there drug use going on, at this present time?” This is when Whitney hit her boiling point; she responded, “Don’t ask me no questions like I’m a child!”

    Whitney became very defensive throughout the remainder of the long interview. Although the “I Will Always Love You” singer had quick comebacks and a whole lot of sass, she never did hang up the phone. She took many deep breaths and sighed, expressing frustrations, but she still told Wendy she loved her at the end of the interview.
    Wendy mentioned to her viewers on “The Wendy Williams Show” that moment when they expressed their love.

    Wendy also opened and closed the segment by making a note that she will not discuss the death of Whitney Houston anymore, even when everyone else will.

    “After I say what I say, I’m not talking about it anymore,” she said.

    Although reports suggest there were bottles of prescription pills in the room where Whitney died, it’s still uncertain whether drug abuse attributed to her death.

    Watch Wendy’s emotional comments below.


    —Gianna Banner

    During the radio interview in 2003, Whitney expressed that Wendy was always worrying and talking about what the singer was doing. Whitney hinted that she should mind her business. Do you think that had an impact on why Wendy decided that this was the first and last time talking about the death, especially since Whitney wished she’d stopped talking about her so much in the past? Leave your comments below.



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