Gabe Solis’ other woman revealed?

    One of the women Trina Braxton’s husband has been cheating with has supposedly been unmasked, and she’s an unexpectedly familiar face from the blogosphere.

    According to, Gabe has been getting some online loving from a transgendered woman who goes by the name Julisa Abadshian. In the past, Julisa has claimed that she’s also had some type of interaction with JoJo Simmons.

    That’s not her only link to reality TV. Supposedly, she would make at least one appreance on Deelishis’ planned series, "Motor City Wives," should the show ever make it to air.

    Trina has acknowledged that Gabe’s infidelities have mostly taken the form of cybersex in online chats and steamy messages from many other women. Now, two screenshots that appear to be of Julisa and Gabe getting down digitally have surfaced.  

    It’s not clear how recently any of the screenshots, originally published by Baller Alert, were taken or who would have taken the captures and leaked them. There is also the possibility that these photos may have been doctored to imply a tryst, since Gabe and Julisa aren’t in the same place together and there isn’t any video of their liaison.

    Neither Trina nor Gabe have commented on the matter at this time, and there’s no word on how they’re handling the news. Supposedly, Julisa will be releasing a statement via Twitter later today.

    Check out the first screenshot of Julisa and Gabe below.




    The second screenshot is NSFW, but you can view it here.

    —Sonya Eskridge




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