Jamie Foster Brown appears in ‘Think Like a Man’

    Moviegoers anticipating the release of Think Like a Man already know that Gabrielle Union, Michael Ealy, Kevin Hart and Meagan Good are all a part of the all-star cast; but S2S fans may be thrilled to learn that Publisher Jamie Foster Brown’s name will also be included in the film’s credits.

    “[Rain Forest Films exec] Will Packer called me and asked me to be in it—me and [Uptown magazine publisher] Bernard Bronner,” said Jamie.

    Just like any true movie star, Jamie only offered enough detail about her role to make potential moviegoers curious.

    “It’s a cameo. I’m with Luenell and Regina Hall, and we’re at a picnic. I don’t want to say what happens in the picnic,” said Jamie, who agrees with all the feedback on the film so far.

    “It is hilarious. One of the storywriters from “The Boondocks” helped write the script,” she said. “Kevin Hart is incredible and you can’t help but salivate over Michael Ealy. I had a ball. I had a wonderful time,” she said.

    While it’s her biggest movie role to date, Jamie said it wasn’t her first.

    “A long time ago, I was in a movie, but it didn’t get any traction, but Bernard saw it in a film festival, and that’s what got him interested in [movies],” she said.

    Producer Will Packer gave Jamie a glowing review for her appearance. "Jamie Foster Brown is in this movie. She’s scared to tell people that she’s in Think Like a Man ’cause she’s afraid she might be cut out, but Jamie does well," he said.

    See photos of Jamie and Think Like a Man stars below.


    —Tracy L. Scott


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