Romany Malco isn’t a Hollywood newbie

    Romany Malco has starred in hits like The 40-Year-Old Virgin, CBS’ “The Good Wife” and Showtime’s “Weeds,” but the actor said folks rarely connect the dots and some believe Think Like a Man is his first big acting job.

    “The weirdest thing to me is after the premiere, people were coming up to me like, ‘Your career is ahead of you’,” he said.

    “Every time I do a movie it’s like that. Why is that?” asked Romany, who doesn’t quite understand why people don’t recognize him. It’s not like he switches up his look. “I’m bald in every movie,” he said.

    While he may not have been immediately recognizable in the past, playing Meagan Good’s love interest in Think Like a Man might change all that for Romany, who has a major role in the ensemble cast, featuring heartthrobs Terrence J, Michael Ealy and Chris Brown.

    Although notoriety isn’t something he’d shun, Romany isn’t sure he’s interested in adopting the “sex symbol” label that’s been bestowed on some of his co-stars.

    “What is a sex symbol? How do you become something you’ve already been”? asked Romany, who denied he’s ever had trouble getting dates.

    However, he doesn’t get caught up on those superficial measures of worth.

    “That’s not where my validation comes from. Some people live for the Grammys. Some people live for the Oscars. It’s just not why I do what I do. I could [not] care less,” he said. “Let nothing external validate you. Let everything inspire you.”


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    Check out photos of Romany, Lenny Kravitz, Hill Harper, LL Cool J and other fine 40-somethings.

    —Tracy L. Scott



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