Whitney Houston investigation begins

    Investigators have begun the search for answers in Whitney Houston’s untimely death on Saturday.

    According to The Los Angeles Times, detectives are planning to subpoena doctors and pharmacies in an effort to figure out whether prescription drugs were involved in her death.

    The singer was found in a bathtub at the Beverly Hilton on Saturday in Los Angeles, and authorities responding to the emergency noticed a number of nearly empty medication bottles in the bathroom with her.

    Sources told The Times that the requests won’t be going out this week, but investigators hope to determine whether she was given the correct amount of medication or whether she was over-prescribed.

    “Subpoena power is one of the wonderful tools an investigator uses to get information from pharmacies and doctors,” said former coroner’s office captain Dave Campbell. “You’re primarily seeking documents, not the persons who treated or prescribed, because you are doing a death investigation, not a criminal investigation.”

    Dave expects that detectives will focus their search on the doctors with the clearest connection to Whitney.

    While investigators prep for their probe into her death, there’s word that her family is torn over where to lay the R&B icon to rest. TMZ.com reports that both her mother Cissy Houston and cousin Dionne Warwick want to bury Whitney in Atlanta, where they feel she was happiest in life. The rest of the diva’s family, however, want her deposited in her hometown of Newark, New Jersey, where she was discovered.

    Cissy supposedly reasoned, "Michael Jackson did not want to be buried in Neverland, and Whitney did not want to be buried in New Jersey."

    It seems that after a little cajoling from the family, however, both Cissy and Dionne caved to the rest of their family’s point of view. Specifically, the majority of Whitney’s family members feel that she’ll be better remembered in New Jersey than in Atlanta.

    Despite the fact that Whitney hasn’t even been buried, scores of her fans are flocking to the site of her death. The New York Daily News reports that it has become something of an attraction since Saturday as a company called Dearly Departed, which takes tourists to places where famous people have died, added the Beverly Hilton to its route.



    —Sonya Eskridge




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