Chaka Khan upset over Grammy party

    Chaka Khan took issue with Clive Davis’ decision to continue on with his Grammy party at the Beverly Hilton Saturday while Whitney Houston’s body was nearby.

    A personal friend of Whitney, Chaka didn’t attend the party and disagreed with Clive’s sentiment that Whitney would have wanted everybody to continue celebrating.

    “I thought that was complete insanity, and knowing Whitney, I don’t believe that she would have said, ‘The show must go on.’ She’s the type of woman who would have said, ‘Stop everything. I’m not going to be there,’” Chaka told Piers Morgan.

    While Piers argued that Clive’s intent was to turn the party into a Whitney tribute, Chaka said that might have been appropriate, but the event did not really honor the singer’s memory.

    “That would have been right if it really was a true tribute,” she said, describing what would have been more acceptable. “Call everybody together. Let’s say a prayer and let’s eat dinner and go home.”

    In contrast, the star-studded event boasted performances, dancing and drinking, as originally planned. However, many in attendance did speak about Whitney and share memories about her.

    While it’s still not certain what caused Whitney’s death, many, including Chaka, speculate that drugs might have led to her demise, and Chaka believes that Whitney being in L.A. for an entire week leading up to the Grammy Awards was a recipe for disaster.

    “I know if I were on a set of a movie, even now and recovered for seven years, we’d have made specific plans that I come in the night of or day of performance,” said Chaka, who suggested that Whitney should have had someone near her to keep the “riff raff out of the situation.”

    Authorities did announce that prescription pills were found in the room where Whitney died; however, speculation continues that cocaine may have caused the singer’s death.

    Watch a segment of Chaka’s interview below.


    —Tracy L. Scott



    What do you think? Should the party have been cancelled or postponed until Whitney Houston’s body was removed from the premises? Leave your comments below.


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