‘Braxton Family Values’ recap: 2.17.12

    Miss E was thinking about jumping the broom and Tamar is recovering from her hubby’s health scare on the latest episode of "Braxton Family Values."

    Most women dream about what they’ll say when a man they love finally works up the nerve to propose marriage. We’re sure there are lots tearful whispers of "yes!" envisioned. There might even be a couple more exuberant acceptances.

    Evelyn had a cooler approach, stating, "Well, okay. It sounds good to me."

    That’s right, readers! Evelyn Braxton is getting married! The Braxton matriarch said her man Doc is a good guy that is entering her family with his eyes wide open. "He knows what he’s in for," she said.

    But she couldn’t break the great news right away since there’s so much going on in her family.

    Tamar’s coping with her husband’s health problems alone in New York. Trina’s contemplating the future of her marriage in Atlanta. Towanda’s settling into a new home and trying to figure out what’s going on her marriage.

    As always it seems, Towanda is the first to get the good news, but she’s not so thrilled about the prospect of holding onto yet another secret. She won’t have to hold onto it for too long as everyone is converging on New York to check Tamar and hubby Vincent Herbert.

    When everyone got there, though, Tamar wanted to give everyone a piece of her mind. Why? She was upset that no one stayed in New York with her to help her through this very trying time, and she wound up feeling a bit abandoned. She was on her own for more than a month.

    Beyond that, Tamar was disappointed in the others because none of them were there when Vince woke up from his coma. That’s when Miss E had to remind her that although they all love Vince, each of them has lives and families of their own that need to be tended to.  Trina wasn’t appreciating Tamar’s very what-have-you-done-for-me-lately attitude. She had to put things in perspective for Tamar, reminding her that the entire family dropped what they were doing to be by her side when Vince was first rushed to the hospital for a pulmonary embolism.

    We don’t always side with over-the-top Tamar, but we think her mom and sisters probably should have gone to Vince’s doctors appointment with her. It would have been a great show of solidarity and support, especially after Tamar expressed her feelings about their absence. Besides, the shops will be there and Vince just came out of a coma!

    When the Braxton women had to leave New York, Towanda volunteered to stay behind so that she could help her baby sister. She was concerned about Tamar like any sister would be. That’s when she found herself back in the very familiar role of being a personal assistant.

    In the absence of any shoulder  to cry on, Tamar shopped…and then shopped some more! She amassed so much stuff (including three plasma screen TVs) that she had to start renting a second apartment. There’s so much for us to wrap our head around in that situation.

    Trina’s temper might be a little shorter than most at this time since she’s still going through some long-standing problems with Gabe.  After her own confession of having an "oral transaction," Trina discovered that Gabe had cheated on her again! We’re still not sure how she didn’t come across the table for him when he revealed that tidbit.

    On the upside, Trina’s going to be debuting her new music (YAY!) at a wedding (…oh). It doesn’t matter to her, though, she’s just excited to get her material out there. And it probably helps that the whole thing is being broadcast on WEtv. You know, a national audience and all.

    She wasn’t as excited about the crowd, which was full of "uncoordinated White people" (her words, not ours!) In the end, having her big debut at a wedding might have been  the right way to go. Trina didn’t feel like she had the best performance, but the audience loved it!

    [BTW: Did anyone else peep the producers labeling Christian as "Band member/Gabe’s competition." Pure comedy!]

    Back in New York, it seems that Tamar has had a change of heart about having babies. She didn’t seem that crazy about the idea of having kids a few weeks ago. But with Vince’s recent health scare, she’s rethinking the idea of her own family.

    And now that Vince is better, it seems like he has definitely lost a lot of weight! You can tell he’s on the mend.

    Tamar seemed to be in much better spirits at Miss E’s big dinner in New York, where she revealed that she and Doc had gotten engaged! They were happy for their mom, but the Braxton kids definitely gave her a bit of a hard time. It was all good-natured teasing…but she wasn’t thrilled about being the butt of their jokes.

    She had a really novel way to shut them down, though!


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