Evelyn Lozada speaks on ex-BFF tension

    They may not be close anymore, but Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams agree that Twitter can be a problem.

    Twitter might be a great way to have a running log of everything that’s on your mind, but it can also get you in quite a bit of trouble.

    "Basketball Wives" star Evelyn thinks that thing might be a little more peaceful among the castmembers if they didn’t broadcast their thoughts to countless followers on a daily basis.  At the very least, she thinks it would be a good idea for everyone on the show, including herself, to think before they tweet.

    "Twitter plays a huge part  on ‘Basketball Wives’ because sometimes we may get to Twitter to vent, which is probably not the greatest thing to do.   I think we all are guilty of probably doing that at some point."

    She added, "Usually it starts up argument when we’re filming."

    That includes the reunion where old arguments rear their ugly heads again as frienemies may be seeing (and speaking) to each other for the first time in weeks.

    "You’re forced to address certain issues and things that are going on," said Evelyn. "That’s why, at the reunions, it’s always heated and there’s always arguments because that’s basically when you lay everything on the table."

    Last year’s reunion showed "Basketball Wives" fans that her friendship with Jen was starting to crumble. That really took Evelyn by surprise. "On the reunion there was obvious tension between me and Jennifer," said Evelyn, who thought they had made up and were cool with each other. "I felt tension from her at the reunion and after we wrapped the reunion, she left and didn’t say goodbye to anyone.”

    Jennifer agrees that id the cast didn’t tweet so often, "there would be a lot less problems."

    She finds that most of the problem lies in seemingly passive aggressive messages people might post on Twitter. If people know who you’re beefing with, followers may assume that any off-color comment is about them.

    The ladies of "Basketball Wives" are avid tweeters, but Jen wonders how things might be different if they reserved the drama for the cameras.

    “Twitter seems to cause a lot problems on ‘Basketball Wives,’ so it would be interesting if we didn’t have Twitter to see how that would go,” she said, pointing out the VH1 encourages the cast to tweet.

    She acknowledged, "It can get  little messy, and by the time the reunion rolls around, a lot of stuff has been said on Twitter.





    —Sonya Eskridge




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