Bernie Mac’s widow comforted by documentary

    Bernie Mac’s widow, Rhonda McCullough, was more than happy to take a trip down memory lane for I Ain’t Scared Of You.

    "For me it was very cathartic. It helped me where I could talk about him because I always loved speaking on him," Rhonda told S2S. "I could talk about him. I could remember all the funny times we had. All the good times."

    Rhonda still misses her hilarious husband deeply to this day, but getting to reminisce about his life and his passion for comedy was wonderful for her.

    "To talk about him, it just really keeps him alive for me, and he’s always in my heart," said Rhonda, who helped producers gather all the necessary footage for the documentary. "It was just really great that I could do that."

    I Ain’t Scared of You
    , which debuted Sunday night on Comedy Central, followed the path of Bernie’s career from the promising beginnings to his untimely end. But Rhonda especially loves her earlier memories of Bernie’s career because she’s been his biggest cheerleader over the years.

    Nowhere was that more evident than his victory at the Miller Light Comedy Search. "I knew he was going to win it. It’s in the documentary. You can hear me screaming just continuously. I remember I was jumpin’ up and down. just screaming," Rhonda recalled with a laugh. "I remember Damon Wayans was the host, and he looked over at me and then he looked at Bernard and he said, ‘Do you know this lady?’ And Bernard was like, ‘Yeah, that’s my wife.’ And he was trying to get me to sit down, but I wouldn’t. I couldn’t sit down!"

    "I Ain’t Scared of You" came out years after Bernie passed away, so many wonder what the hold up was. As Rhonda explained to S2S, she just needed time to deal with her grief before she could help out with this project.

    "it took long because I was still in the grieving process, and at that time, you don’t think clearly because you’re very emotional," she explained. "It took a little while for me to sit back and think about it."

    Stll, the thing she appreciated most about the documentary was all the kind words of admiration from Bernie’s colleagues.

    "Honestly, for me," Rhonda stated, "that meant that they had such high regards for him to say all these wonderful things that they did say about him."



    —Sonya Eskridge




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