Daily Buzz 2.20.12

    Chris Brown tweets Rihanna

    Chris Brown was direct with his well wishes for Rihanna! Early this morning, the Grammy-winning crooner tweeted, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBYN!"

    Rihanna didn’t take long to reply with a simple "Thanks!" specifically for him. Later she tweeted her gratitude for all the birthday love she’s received so far today. "Ahhhhhhh ALL MY BDAY wishes from my DM to my TL!!!! KRAY! I truly love u guys, thank you so much #RihannaNavy for makin me feel special," she wrote.

    Rihanna, who is now 24, will release a special song in honor of her birthday, titled "Birthday Cake," later today. Her fans, and the music world at large, are waiting for the track to drop to find out whether rumors that Chris has been featured on the album are true.


    Kobe Bryant swears off cheating

    It’s cheaper to keep her!  TMZ.com report that Kobe Bryant is pulling out all the stops to save his marriage, and he’s promising not to cheat on his estranged wife Vanessa ever again.

    Supposedly that Valentine’s Day kiss they shared didn’t come easy, either. Sources close to the on-again lovers stated that Kobe has been "aggressively" pursuing Vanessa for weeks, and she’s been very open to a reunion.

    He’s also gifted Vanessa with some very expensive jewelry as part of his full-court press to salvage their relationship. Iniders claim that she believes Kobe will do his best to remain faithful to her in the future, but she’s not confident their marriage can be put back together.


    Shaunie O’Neal talks love life

    Shaunie O’Neal is loving her life right now. She’s spoiling her kids and still enjoying the company of her long-time boy toy.

    “Yes, Marlon is still around, we’re kickin’ it,” she admitted, hinting that things between them may not be terribly serious. "We’re hanging in there. We’re just chill. We kick it…have a good time. He’s a good guy."

    Marlon must be doing something right because they’ve been hanging out for a little over two years. What does Shaunie see in him? "He’s really funny and I like a good sense of humor," she explained. "We keep each other laughing, and he’s a lot of fun. He’s a good-hearted person."

    The "Basketball Wives" creator also weighed in on how she thinks Twitter has affected the cast and production on the show.

    "With Twitter it makes the show a little crazier. I think without Twitter, we would have a little more zen going," Shaunie said. "Twitter gets us in trouble." 



    Robin Thicke busted for smoking weed

    Robin Thicke spent a little time with the NYPD this weekend. The New York Daily News reports that the "Love After War" crooner was busted for smoking marijauna in an SUV early Friday afternoon.

    Luckily he was not behind the wheel when authorities rolled up on him in New York City.

    "He wasn’t driving," an officer told the Daily News. "He was sitting in the car. He was arrested and a small amount of marijuana was recovered on him."

    Robin was released from police custody after getting a ticket, and his camp has made no comment on the arrest.


    Kenya Bell on the fence about her marriage

    When Kenya Bell makes her debut on season 4 of "Basketball Wives: Miami" tonight, she’ll be the only married woman on the cast. But will she stay that way?

    "I am currently married to a basketball player. I’m not sure how much longer that’s going to last but, I am currently married," she said during a pre-season interview.

    Instead of fretting over the state of her union, though, Kenya will be busy crafting an album. In fact, her music is the main reason she even joined the show. "I am pursuing a music career, and I thought it would be a great opporunity to get my music off the ground," she stated.

    Kenya’s more than just another wannabe pop diva. She’s got a bachelor’s degree in engineering and a master’s in business, meaning she didn’t need to marry for money!

    “I worked as an engineer, building and developing engines and transmissions before I got married,” said Kenya, who explained that she married her NBA hubby way before he ever signed a contract.





    —Sonya Eskridge

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