‘Basketball Wives’ recap: 2.21.12

    Some ladies made new friends, while others cut ties on the season 4 premiere of "Basketball Wives."

    South Beach is so last season (for now). The cast of "Basketball Wives" migrated from Miami to New York for season 4, and it seems that some attitudes have chilled to match the climate change.

    First up, Jennifer Williams introduced Suzie Ketcham to the city now that she’s relocated up north. But instead of getting the rundown on all the hottest spots and tips on New York living, Suzie wanted a rundown on who Jen has been keeping up with.

    As expected, Jen talks to Tami Roman and Shaunie O’Neal but she hasn’t been speaking with former BFF Evelyn Lozada. 

    This season will finally give fans of the show an idea of what caused the show’s inner circle to break up. Last season we saw fractures in their friendship after Evelyn caught wind of an interview Jen did where she said some not-so-flattering things about her fiancé, Chad Ochocinco. Although they seemed to be able to get past it, there have been rumblings of a feud between Jen and Evelyn for months. 

    Meanwhile, Suzie has been having a few problems of her own with Royce Reed. We’re not sure how she didn’t see that coming after dissing Royce for the now-defunct mean girl circle.

    Tami also made her way up to NYC, where she caught up a surprisingly fresh-faced Evelyn. Both ladies call New York were born and raised in the city, so they were right at home.

    That meant Tami could get right to the heart of the matter, and she immediately asked whether Evelyn’s been taking to Jen since last season. The answer to that would be, since Evelyn’s only been keep up with Shaunie and Tami.

    Tami was surprised to find out that Evelyn and Jen were so far on the outs. But Evelyn is not pressed to make time for Jen because "I don’t have time for this chick stuff." Do we smell a new catch phrase?! Let’s see how long it takes her to make that, or "do you," into a t-shirt. We give it about a month!

    P.S.: Evelyn’s eye makeup in the cutaways is killing us! Is that neon green eyeshadow?!


    Elsewhere in NYC, Royce took Suzie to task for her suspect behavior last season! Finally!

    We were not feeling Suzie’s flipping flopping on Royce, and we especially did not appreciate how she was all too willing to diss Royce to be in "the circle." How was she going to befriend Royce since Jen and Evelyn wouldn’t talk to her, just to talk smack about Royce to get back in with the mean girls?

    We said it last season, and we’ll say it again: Not cool, Suzie!

    That’s why we had to bust out the popcorn when Royce called Suzie out on her bs! She wasn’t letting Suzie get away with anything. Suzie claimed that she was in a tough position, but Royce really wasn’t buyng that excuse. 

    While Royce hasn’t written Suzie off completely (she’s better than us), she has learned how to handle her. We love it!

    Suzie it seems has not learned any thing from the last season, and she’s already working up a way to play peacemaker and bring everyone together for a group hug. Somehow, we don’t think that’s going to happen because Suzie is just  wee bit to messy to handle such delicate procedures.

    Not to mention, the people she’s trying to unite (namely Royce, Jen and Evelyn) really don’t like each other.


    After her chat with Evelyn, Tami wanted to get Jen’s side of the beef. Jen’s really not sure what Evelyn’s problem is because she’s been "in New York, minding my business."

    All Jen knows is that she and Evelyn are no longer cool with each other for some mysterious reason. Although she’s reached out to her former friend to see what the deal is, her attempts to repair the rift have been ignored.

    "Y’all are the weirdest best friends I have ever seen in my entire life," Tami said of the ex-BFFs fractured relationship. "I can’t believe it! Evelyn and Jen may not be friends anymore!"

    If they can’t be friends, though, Jen is open to the idea of at least being cordial with Evelyn. We think that’s a very mature decision.

    See, Suzie, this is how you keep the peace!!! Please take notes.


    Almost secondary to the focus of sorting out Jen and Evelyn’s mess was the audience’s introduction to newest members of the "Basketball Wives" team: Kesha Nichols and Kenya Bell.

    Kesha made her entrance onto the show by meeting Royce through a mutual friend Kesha mentioned Kenya during her chat with the other dancer on the cast. Then Kesha had dinner with Suzie, which we’ll assume was pretty tame.

    When Kesha and Kenya went out for drinks with Suzie and Jen, Suzie showed off her wild side while Jen was little more reserved. The whole things was a bit uncomfortable to watch–especially Suzie’s crash course about "oral transactions."

    Although they were just getting acquainted with the rest of the cast, both Kenya and Kesha agreed that Jen came off a tad bit "bougie."

    That was nothing in comparison to their first sit down with Tami. If they didn’t know she was a very direct person, they found out with her first question. As everyone was getting settled, Tami smacked Kesha with her first big question, asking, "Are you White?"

    We hate to admit it, but we were kind of wondering that, too, but the delivery was hilarious. Leave it to Tami!


    Producers saved the main event for last as Jen and Evelyn came face-to-face to discuss what went wrong.

    At nearly 40 minutes into the season premiere, this was also Shaunie’s first appearance in the episode and it was well worth the wait. The faces she pulled during the ex-BFF battle were priceless!





    —Sonya Eskridge

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