Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams debate blog

    Jennifer Williams and Evelyn Lozada are stating their sides in the case of the blog that destroyed their friendship.

    For months people have been wondering what exactly happened to BFFs-turned-bitter-rivals, Jen and Evelyn. On the season premiere of "Basketball Wives" last night, it was finally revealed that a blog about Evelyn’s relationship with Chad Ochocinco was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

    Back in July, a blog written under Jen’s name stated that she’s not jealous of Evelyn’s engagement because they don’t go for the same type of men. Something about that rubbed Evelyn the wrong way, and when confronted about the comment, Jen stood her ground and repeated her preference not to get serious with a professional athlete. That didn’t exactly give Evelyn the warm fuzzies, either.

    While we thought they had each spoken their mind about the subject, it seems Evelyn wanted to explain her case.  "Her comment tonight, ‘I can F*** whoever I want to F***, I’m not marrying no d@#n athlete!’ was again, very hurtful," Evelyn stated in her personal blog. "Basically she is still dissing my relationship and my fiancé. What type of so-called friend would have the audacity to do that?"

    She continued, "I don’t get it! Whether you are having sex with, marrying, dating or not, you are still sleeping with athletes and my man happens to be an athlete! DUH! That would be the same type of person!"

    For Evelyn, Jen’s words drove home that point that she’s not putting aside her feelings about ballers to back her friend as expected. "I thought she was a true friend, I was loyal and I seriously thought she would have been happy for me," Evelyn wrote. "We were friends for 12 years and regardless she has judged Chad and me. Meanwhile, she is doing the same thing."

    However, Jen still doesn’t see what Jen is tripping about. Although the offending blog was written by her publicist (she was in Italy at the time), Jen doesn’t feel what her rep wrote was out-of-bounds.

    "I honestly didn’t think I wrote anything awful or harmful. It stated my opinion and I feel I’m allowed to have one," Jen stated on her personal website.

    Jen does, however, take issue with the fact that it took Evelyn nearly five months to explode because she had ample time to address the matter face-to-face. "What I really have a hard time understanding is that this blog came out July 19th, 2011, and the first time I heard about Evelyn being mad was in November, 2011," Jen pointed out. "When we filmed the reunion in July the blog was out and she didn’t mention it then."

    And when Jen went on VH1’s "Big Morning Buzz Live," she made it clear that she thought she was well within her rights to express her feelings about Evelyn’s impending union.

    "Everybody had an opinion of Eric and my marriage for the past three seasons. It’s like Jennifer says one thing and it’s like, ‘Woah, stop the press!’" Jen said. "D@#n if you do, d@#n if you don’t."  

    She added, "We don’t date the same type of guys. I don’t date the same type of guys as any of my friends. It’s such, like, a vague statement."




    —Sonya Eskridge




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