Kim Kardashian to elope?

    After a 72-day marriage, is Kim Kardashian ready to get hitched to Reggie Bush?!

    There’s buzz that Kim doesn’t plan to remain a single lady for long once her divorce from Kris Humphries is finalized. According to In Touch Weekly, she plans wants to elope with Reggie, her on-again-off-again beau.

    While the two may not officially be back together, there have been reports that she and Reggie have gone out to grab a bite to eat at least once since her split from Kris.

    Most recently, she supposedly visited Reggie earlier this month but they kept things super low-key because he didn’t want them to be photographed in public.

    “She didn’t go out once,” a source told In Touch. “And they weren’t seen in public together per his request.”

    It’s not that Reggie is ashamed to be with Kim, but he doesn’t want their life to be on display. An insider claims that he’s willing to be with her on three conditions. Reggie wants her to stop seeking publicity, give up her reality shows and quietly finalize her divorce.

    “Reggie wants Kim to completely disappear from the public eye,” the insider said. “Kim thinks Reggie is the one, so she’s going to try her best.”

    It looks like Kim is doing a pretty good job, too! Reportedly, Reggie has agreed to jump the broom with Kim once all the madness from her impending divorce dies down.

    “She’s insisting that she wants to run off with him to marry,” a friend of Kim’s allegedly said, adding that Kim has learned her lesson from the media circus that was her fairytale wedding. “It’ll be very private.”



    —Sonya Eskridge




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