Nicole Ari Parker saves your hair at the gym

    No more excuses! Nicole Ari Parker is giving you a way to save your ‘do while getting in shape.

    Atlanta was all abuzz this past weekend with the Bronner Brothers Hair Show as it ushered in new hair care products and cutting edge styles. Creating a lot of that buzz was Nicole Ari Parker’s Save Your Do GymWrap, which helps African-American women keep their hair intact while exercising.

    The actress, best known for her role as Teri Joseph on Showtime’s award winning original series “Soul Food,” introduced the miracle wrap Friday night at Dolvett Quince’s Power Sculptor. Nicole’s husband Boris Kodjoe hosted the event, where celebrity stylist Derek J and actress/director Jasmine Guy were in attendance.

    For years, Black women have been faced with the challenge of maintaining their hairstyles during and after their work-out. “I happen to be one of the sisters that’s transitioning out of a relaxer, so I really have a concern. You know, flat ironing my hair and then being afraid," Nicole explained. "I had all this built in fear around my hair swelling up."

    In the past, the actress has tried several remedies for this problem, including cutting material from her hubby’s special work out gear to make a home-made contraption. “My wife proceeded to cut my Dry Fit shirt and I tried to put it on and there was a triangle hole in the front,” Boris joked.

    Nicole believed there had to be a way for Black women to be cute, be at the gym, and keep their hairstyle. But when the Surgeon General issued a statement saying that African-American women are in a state of emergency because of health issues, and those women should stop using their hair as an excuse not to exercise, Nicole realized she had to buckle down and do something about this growing problem.

    Nicole shared her aspirations with her business partner Jill Osur, who then turned around and introduced the actress to a specialist in wicking fabric and heat absorption. For the next seven months, Nicole worked with the specialist and after 17 prototypes, they found the right formula and dubbed it the Save Your Do GymWrap. Nicole then used the wrap and saw for herself how effective it was. “I was training for my first fitness competition. I won. I lost 20 pounds,” she said, noting that the her product managed to keep her hair manageable.

    The stylish headband incorporates Edge Control Technology that minimizes sweat absorption and allows heat to escape while letting cool air in.  The end result is dry flat hair that only needs light styling after the work out.

    The Save Your Do GymWrap is available online for between $24.95 and $29.95. It comes in three styles and a variety of colors. Sophie’s Voice Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by Nicole and Boris, will receive 10 percent of the proceeds. The foundation was created in honor of their daughter Sophie, who was diagnosed with the congenital disorder Spina Bifida at birth. For more information on this disorder visit


    Watch the video below to see how to use the Save Your Do GymWrap! 




    —Stephanie Dayton




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