Star Jones calls her ‘View’ exit ‘ugly’

    Star Jones returned to the “The View” today for the first time in more than five years, and admitted that the way she exited the show then was “ugly.”

    “Everything around was ugly. It was a bad emotional time. Nasty things were being said in the media. It was just not a good emotional time,” Star told her former co-hosts and the newbies.

    Unlike some reality show reunions, there were no harsh words or evil glances exchanged between Star and Barbara Walters, who welcomed Star to the show and explained that the two have buried the hatchet since the day Star unexpectedly announced that she was leaving.

    “Star and I have met. We’ve talked heart-to-heart,” said Barbara. She went on to say, “I am so happy to welcome Star.”

    However, while Star didn’t seem to want to dwell in the past initially, asking, “Do we care at this point?”, she did explain why she left the way she did.

    “I made the decision that I wanted to go out on my own terms. I wanted to be able to control it. So that when I walked back in there—if I were ever invited—I would feel good about coming,” said Star, who hugged all the old staff members with whom she once worked.

    “I got to hug all the producers. I felt good because I had eight fantastic years here,” she said, noting that the last year wasn’t one of them.

    While it’s unclear what role Star’s weight loss played in her exit from the daytime talk show, her former co-hosts Barbara and Joy Behar seemed to take issue over the fact that Star wanted to hide her surgery when it first happened.

    Star admitted that she wasn’t comfortable discussing the gastric bypass surgery at that time.

    “Don’t talk about my private way I decided to lose weight,” she said, recalling how she felt at the time.

    According to Joy and Barbara, the show protected Star during that time and basically lied in an effort to respect her privacy. For that, she thanked them.

    “I finally got a chance to thank this crew for walking me through after weight-loss surgery and protecting me,” she said.


    Do you think Star should return to "The View" now that she and Barbara have mended things? Leave your comments below.


    —Tracy L. Scott



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