Whitney Houston’s resting place locked down

    From the moment she first set foot on stage, Whitney Houston has been no stranger to capacity crowds, and it seems her recent death hasn’t changed a thing.

    Fans’ outpouring of love and appreciation has been so prevalent in fact, that Fairview Cemetery—Houston’s final resting place—has been forced to close its doors to the public indefinitely.

    Fans have been flocking to the Westfield, NJ cemetery, causing an unprecedented influx of traffic on the roads inside and leading into the property, USA Today reports. 

    In addition to the sheer number of people attempting to visit the singer’s memorial, the cemetery faces an additional challenge with most of its roads only able to accommodate one vehicle at a time, resulting in constant standoffs between motorists heading in opposite directions.

    There is no official word right now as to when or if the cemetery plans on opening its doors back up to the public, but those mourners whose family members rest in Fairview are still able to visit during the closure.

    —Jacob Rohn


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