Dr. Sherry explains why women stay

    No one knows why Trina Braxton is still with her husband, but her therapist Dr. Sherry has a few ideas.

    Trina has been through some pretty serious ups and downs in her relationship with Gabe Solis. He’s admitted to cheating on her for more than half of their marriage, and she recently revealed a tryst of her own.

    More recently, Gabe also had to shoot down rumors that he was having an online affair with a transsexual woman named Julisa Abadshian.

    As of last week’s episode of "Braxton Family Values," it looked like Trina was ready to leave. However, she and Gabe have been spotted out spending time together since that episode aired, leaving many baffled.

    So, what’s the deal? It turns out that Trina’s really not that different from other women who stay in less-than-ideal relationships.

    "There are different reasons why she’s staying in that relationship, or why the next person stays in their relationship," said Dr. Sherry L. Blake (aka Dr. Sherry), who has just published a book titled The Single-Married Woman: True Stories of Why Women Feel Alone in Their Marriages.

    The book, which is out now, has a foreword written by "Braxton Family Values" star and singer Toni Braxton, Trina’s sister. It tackles a number of different relationship issues ranging from trying to be everything to everyone to why certain relationship problems keep popping up for people no matter who they are with.

    "Many women are in similar relationships and they remain for various reasons. Or they leave for various reasons," said the therapist, who has made several appearances on the show as the sisters’ counselor and subsequently has a "very clear understanding of what’s going on" in Trina’s marriage.

    "A lot of times people genuinely love people, but they don’t like their behavior. And so you keep hoping and praying that the behavior will change given that you love them," Dr. Sherry told us. "In terms of why is Trina with Gabe, I think that she is going to be the only person that can truly answer that for herself."

    She added, "I will say this: It’s a process. Things didn’t happen overnight and they don’t change overnight. She has to get to a point of being comfortable within herself. ‘This is where I am, and I’m ready to do something different.’"

    Trina and Gabe have relationship problems just like any other couple, but theirs are just played out for the world. This makes it a little tougher on Trina as she has to face public scrutiny while trying to figure out what she wants to do next.

    "It’s painful; it’s very hurtful," said Dr. Sherry. "No one wants their marriage to fall apart—especially in the public’s eyes—so it’s very painful, but it’s a pain that she’s going to have to work through and make some decisions of what’s in her best interest."

    And when asked how Trina is holding up in the face of the newest round of gossip about her marriage, Dr. Sherry answered, "Is she doing okay? Yes, she’s processing, but it’s very tough."



    —Sonya Eskridge




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