The Chris Brown Conundrum

    While the debate rages on over Chris Brown and his rekindled friendship with ex-girlfriend Rihanna, it’s clear that the Sister 2 Sister readership is overwhelmingly in support of Chris.

    More than 70 percent of S2S users who participated in a recent poll indicated that Chris is not an abuser, even though there’s little doubt that the singer physically abused Rihanna back in 2007.

    Only 28 percent of voters consider Chris an abuser; 35 percent advised the public to “forgive and forget." While 37 percent indicated that a one-time offense does not an “abuser” make.

    This likely doesn’t come as a surprise to S2S fans, many of whom wrote letters in support of Chris Brown when he was featured in the magazine hugging Publisher Jamie Foster Brown (no relation). The majority of those who wrote in thanked Jamie for not persecuting Chris.

    That sentiment continues today, and feedback from our Twitter and Facebook pages proves that most music lovers have forgiven Chris and want the incident forgotten.

    “leave my chris brown ALONE!!!!!!!!Let it go,” wrote S2S Facebook user Syrinthia Haskell.

    Nicole Johnson condemned abuse, but supported Chris in her response. “Its never okay to be an abuser. However, he made a mistake hope he learned his lesson. let it go,” she wrote.

    While few would argue that everyone deserves a second chance, it’s surprising to many that so many women, often the victims of domestic abuse, are defending Chris and not warning the stars’ fans about the dangers of violent relationships.

    As was evident weeks after the ’07 incident, many women even go so far as to place the blame on Rihanna’s shoulders.

    “I think he’s a fool for putting himself around Rihana again! She is a freak that likes ruff behavior and he is young and dumb,” wrote Phyllis Weathersby.

    Erica Boldereda Kent has a similar response: “Rihanna is the bad one here,not Chris brown,” she wrote.

    Does fans’ eagerness to forgive Chris Brown sends the wrong message to young women who may be in abusive relationships. Do we suggest that they stay or give their victimizers another chance the way Rihanna has apparently done with Chris Brown?

    Not all S2S readers thought so.

    “NEVER go back to your abusers..great message you send out to young girls…he hits’s ok….PEOPLE DIE> NO! we will not FORGET!!” wrote Lisa Ely.

    —Tracy L. Scott

    Given that fans have forgiven Chris for the years-old incident, how do we simultaneously teach young girls not to become victims in abusive relationships? Leave your comments below.


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