Evelyn Lozada: Jenn ‘thinks she is better’

    “Basketball Wives” newcomer Kenya Bell described returning star Jennifer Williams as “bourgie,” and it seems Jenn’s former BFF, Evelyn Lozada, agrees that Jenn’s nose is in the air.

    “In the first episode, they talked about her being ‘bourgie.’ When you are that person and you get a little bit of fame, you start believing the hype. She thinks she is better than everyone else,” Evelyn told RadarOnline.com.

    “I don’t think I will ever reconcile the friendship,” said Evelyn, who was friends with Jennifer for more than a decade. However, that all changed when Jennifer shared some not-so-kind words about Ev’s fiancé, Chad Ochocinco. Although, Jennifer apologized for the public on-air criticism during a radio interview, she later offended Evelyn again when she wrote in a blog that she doesn’t date men like Chad.

    “I would have told Jennifer never to talk to me again, but that doesn’t make sense on the show because there are cameras here and you have to tell the story even if it can be frustrating,” she said.

    Although Evelyn seems to agree with Kenya’s assessment of Jennifer, that’s not to suggest those two are friends.

    “Most of the cast members feel she’s a little strange to say the least,” Evelyn said about Kenya. “She’s not really someone I would hang out with after filming. She’s not my type of person.”

    So, who does that leave in Evelyn’s “circle”?

    “I am really good friends with Shaunie O’Neal. We were friends before the show … and Tami Roman,” she said. Evelyn also seems cool with newcomer Kesha Nichols.

    “When you come into a fourth season, you smell B.S. from far away. It’s best to be yourself, that’s why I took a liking to Kesha. She is a really sweet girl and always seems like she is the same person on and off of the set,” she said.

    While fans are focused on who’s in the center of Evelyn’s crosshairs this season, the author and bride-to-be revealed that Shaunie O’Neal, who often plays referee during conflicts, ends up needing a time-out this season.

    “Shaunie actually gets into a conflict with one of the castmates; she’s usually quiet and stays out of the mess. She did have an issue with one of the ladies on the show, and I think viewers will be surprised that she voiced that and who that person ended up being,” she said.


    See photos of Evelyn with Chad, Jessica White, Suzie Ketcham and more!



    —Tracy L. Scott

    Do you think Jennifer’s nose is in the air? Who will Shaunie argue with? Is Kenya Bell the new Meeka Claxton? Leave your comments below.



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