‘Basketball Wives’ recap: 2.28.12

    Emotions ran high for Royce Reed and Evelyn Lozada on the latest episode of "Basketball Wives."

    Last week’s verbal battle between Evelyn and Jennifer Williams was not the end of the conversation. Evelyn still had a lot to say about her ex-BFF when she sat down with Shaunie O’Neal and Tami Roman.

    Surprisingly, Tami and Shaunie seem to be siding with Evelyn as they all enjoyed a chuckle about Jen and her bougie-ness.

    Elsewhere, Jen told Suzie Ketcham that she was feeling fabulous after facing off with Evelyn. Neither she nor Suzie seemed to be particularly clear as to why Evelyn was so upset about the blog. Honestly, we still don’t see what the bride is tripping about because it’s not as though Jen said anything really new.

    If she was just stating that she and her friends don’t go after the same type of men (despite their profession), Evelyn should not have taken it as a jab. She didn’t say anything disparaging about Chad Ochocinco (Ev’s fiancé) that she hasn’t said before. And if Jen’s tried to apologize and resolve the matter, then Evelyn hasn’t really gotten much place to be stewing about it months later.  Just our opinion.

    Anyway, loyalty was definitely the central issue for Monday’s episode of "BBW" as Evelyn also had to question whether or not Chad’s been faithful to her. Afterall, there have been a number of rumors about him cheating on her or her cheating on him. But it really bothers Evelyn that every time Chad is linked to another woman romantically, there’s always a reason not to keep them at a distance.

    Chad explains away his rumored jumpoffs as friends or homegirls or some distant relation.

    Eventually it all comes down to Evelyn just wanting to some honesty from Chad about whether or not he’s stepped out on her. He gave her a very non-committal answer that could almost be taken as a confession of guilt.

    Royce was also having some problems with the men in her life. Her new relationship with a younger man seems to be going very well and Royce is extremely happy. Her dad, however, is not.

    Royce’s relationship has caused something of a rift between her and her father to the point that they’re not even really on speaking terms. It’s all because her father feels like she’s moving too fast. For her part, Royce is thinking about having babies with her beau in the next few years. We’re not sure if that’s too fast…Chad and Evelyn got engaged in less than six months and immediately started talking about a family. At least Royce wants to wait another year or so.

    The relationship with her dad is so bad now, that he didn’t even share in her joy at getting a role in Collard Greens Y Platanos! Royce was tearfully excited at the news, but her father seemed less than enthused. You could just see her heart breaking when she called him.

    This week it was mainly up to Suzie and Jen to supply the cattiness as they looked up newbie Kenya Bell on YouTube. Let’s just say that Kenya’s attempts to reach for the stars seemed a little misguided.  She’s got a slew of videos that look a little off, if not for their concept, then certainly for their quality. Jen and Suzie are always way confused by some of Kenya’s moves.

    We find it interesting that Suzie said she should be embarrassed about her videos on YouTube. Did Suzie not proudly demonstrate technique for an oral transaction in the middle of a crowded restaurant last week?

    While both the impromptu teaching moment and Kenya’s videos were pretty awful, we’d be less embarrassed about the videos. Why? Because 3.7 million didn’t see us teaching people new tricks last Monday. Just saying.

    No matter what Suzie thinks, though, Kenya’s pushing forward with plans for the next step in her career. She asked Kesha Nichols for a little help, but it doesn’t look like they’re going to see eye-to-eye in the professional sense.



    —Sonya Eskridge



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