Evelyn Lozada dishes wedding details

    Despite what you may have seen on "Basketball Wives," Evelyn Lozada is still planning her wedding with Chad Ochocinco. And Jennifer Williams is sooo not invited.

    Chad must be doing a good job of tightening up because Evelyn is pushing ahead with wedding plans. The "Basketball Wives" star told RadarOnline.com that she and Chad  are closer to setting a definitive date for their nuptials.

    “It’s Florida in Palm Beach in July and I’m currently busy planning. I don’t have my dress but I have a potential designer,” she revealed, adding that she hasn’t started to stress out just yet. She doesn’t rule out the possibility of losing her temper at some point, though. “I am calm so far; I don’t think I am a Bridezilla, but talk to me in May or June and it may change. I am not making everyone participating in the wedding lose weight or anything like that!”

    The biggest point of stress for Evelyn at this point is the guest list, which has nearly doubled in size.

    “I started with 150 people and I think it will be 250,” Evelyn said. “Who is going to sit where, who doesn’t like this person. You have both families chiming in. I initially wanted something smaller, but Chad is a big personality and if I leave it up to him he will have animals running around."


    Like most brides and grooms, the couple is adding some space in the celebration for most of their co-workers. Evelyn said that her "Basketball Wives" castmates should expect their invites in the mail, and Chad is having some players coaches from the New England Patriots and the Cincinnati Bengals come out.

    One person who won’t be present for Evelyn’s big day is her ex-BFF, Jennifer Williams. “Jennifer is definitely not invited, it really wouldn’t make sense as she really wasn’t supportive of my relationship from day one,” Evelyn explained. “I want people who are really, truly happy for us. She never really cared.”

    Evelyn’s been so busy planning the wedding that she hasn’t even had time to think about the honeymoon, where she’d get to kick back with her new hubby. It’s just as well since Chad may not have time for one right away anyway.

    “We don’t have honeymoon plans yet because he has to report to NFL training camp in August, maybe someone will give us one as a gift and we can go later in the year,” she said.

    It seems Ev’s given a little more thought to the idea of a wedding special, but "nothing is set in stone yet."

    Should a wedding-themed series be offered up, Evelyn thinks that she and her man would be set based on scheduling alone.

    “The Patriots would let him do that because he wouldn’t be playing then as it would be out of season, Coach Bill Belichick is very strict during the season but he wouldn’t be opposed because it’s the off-season," Evelyn said before outlining a plan for a spin-off: “We would probably do a few episodes running up to the wedding and air it outside of ‘Basketball Wives.’”

    See which wedding dresses she could be slipping into here!


    —Sonya Eskridge




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