Is Evelyn Lozada in an open relationship?

    Evelyn Lozada is planning to marry fiancé Chad Ochocinco in a few months, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be faithful to one another.

    “I am a realist as to the world we live in. When your relationship is high profile and publicized like mine, I don’t put anything past anyone. Who is to say that either one of us will eventually fall into that temptation one day? We don’t know that,” Evelyn wrote on her blog.

    “My thing is, I want to take my wedding vows and say, we want this to be forever, but you never know,” she said.

    On a recent episode of “Basketball Wives,” a conversation between Ev and Chad suggested that Evelyn wasn’t opposed to the idea of an open relationship.

    She focused on honesty from Chad, not so much faithfulness, and when he asked her about bringing another woman into their physical relationship, she did not seem to oppose the idea.

    However, in the blog, Evelyn wrote more about fighting those extramarital urges.

    “I am not condoning Chad for cheating… There will be temptation, but it takes a strong bond to defeat it,” said Evelyn, who believes she and Chad have such a connection.

    “We do love each other and are both focused on making this work… I love Chad, my focus is him and vice-versa and we are going to do this thing and work it out,” she said. “There is an abundant amount of negativity and it isn’t easy. It has been a challenge, but this is my dude and I love him.”

    Watch Evelyn and Chad talk relationships.

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    —Tracy L. Scott


    Do you think athletes’ wives should just accept that their husbands will be unfaithful? Leave your comments below.


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