Sheree Whitfield will marry again

    Sheree Whitfield isn’t paying any mind to naysayers who think she’ll be alone forever.

    During the trip to South Africa, Sheree was told by a medicine man that she would never get married again because she’s too old.

    While she couldn’t convince him that his prediction was wrong, The "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star dismissed the notion.

    "Absolutely," Sheree told when asked if she would ever marry again. "The union of marriage is a beautiful thing if you get the right two people together.”

    She’s got a good idea of what a man would need to be a good match for her. "I’m not even big on this huge list thing," Sheree said before noting that she’s only got two essential requirements for guy who wants to get with her.

    “I just want a guy that can respect me, a good communicator,” Sheree explained. “That was part of the problem with my marriage [to Bob Whitfield]: we didn’t communicate.”




    —Sonya Eskridge




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