Traci Braxton talks family feuds

    By now, fans of “Braxton Family Values” have picked up on the fact that sister Traci Braxton still holds some resentment for being left behind when all her siblings released records, but she is trying to move on.

    “I think it’s getting better because I expressed how I felt,” said Traci, who has had more than one emotional and loud confrontation with her family when talking about having to leave the Braxtons group to raise her son.

    “They probably felt, ‘Traci had a child and she just went ahead on with her life and she didn’t press the issue about being with the sisters,” explained Traci, admitting she’d probably do things differently if given the chance.

    “I wouldn’t change having my son. He’s the best thing since sliced bread. I think I would have fought harder to stay with the Braxtons and continue my singing career. After I had my son, I didn’t sing anymore,” she told Sister 2 Sister. “I would have fought harder for my career.”

    While some reality series seem to end once-healthy relationships, Traci said the truths that have surfaced during the taping of “BFV” have only made the sisters closer.

    “We’re taking more consideration for each other’s feelings, but we’re still going to love hard and argue just as harder. That’s what family members do. We’re going to say how we really feel.”

    Traci didn’t take too kindly to her sister Toni’s honest opinion about her when she suggested that Traci needed to shed a few pounds.

    “I was always the skinny one. I was the tallest and skinny sister. When I gained the weight, they were like, ‘Hold up. What’s going on?’” she said. “Toni was saying they weren’t used to me being that size. We’re not from that side of the track of the weight and things. When I put that all in perspective, they weren’t telling me anything wrong, but when you gain weight and are looking totally different, you tend to have a little snapperism. When they really sat down with me, I appreciated that.” Since then, Traci has slimmed down from a size 10 to a 6 or 8 and a weight she described as “comfortable.”

    Although Traci is taking dance classes and doing Zoomba, she said the hardest part of losing weight is controlling her diet.

    “I love to eat. We’re a family that loves to cook. So, I have to cook. I have a son. I have a husband. They gotta eat. I gotta eat. Now, I have to say to myself, ‘Just ‘cause I fixed dinner doesn’t mean I have to eat the portions they eat. Instead of rice, put more vegetables on your plate,’” she said.

    While it was Toni who caused Traci to walk out of a counseling session by bringing up her weight, she normally bumps heads with Tamar. It’s apparently always been that way between those two.

    “She’s the baby. She wants to be in everybody’s business. She wants to tell everybody how to live their life,” explained Traci, who pointed out that she doesn’t really argue with her other siblings. “She’s getting a whole lot better. I don’t always like my sister, but I love my sister.”

    In contrast to many reality shows, Traci doesn’t have the luxury of deciding not to speak to one of her co-stars when her last nerve gets plucked. She also can’t pounce on any of her sisters or toss a drink in anyone’s face.

    “Throwing water … Evelyn and Michael [Braxton] is not going to have that. I don’t want to peel myself off of nobody concrete,” she joked.


    Get more from Traci in the June 2012 issue of Sister 2 Sister.


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    —Tracy L. Scott



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