‘Braxton Family Values’ recap: 3.2.12

    Tamar one-liner: "I could deal with the fact that she don’t know what the he!! she want…if I was little buzzed!"

    Somehow Evelyn Braxton didn’t get a lot of say while planning her wedding on "Braxton Family Values."

    Evelyn admitted that she hasn’t really got a clear idea of what she wants for her big day, but she’d like something simple and elegant. Apparently, her daughters have taken that as license to determine every detail of wedding on their own.

    The problem there would be that the Braxton sisters aren’t exactly giving Mommy much of a say. Not you could hear her over Tamar, who was way more concerned about getting some champagne for the shopping experience than the experience itself. We guess she was…thirsty?

    It certainly doesn’t help that Evelyn hadn’t given her girls a lot of time to plan the wedding, which was only about a month away. The bride-to-be tried on some beautiful gowns, but she didn’t exactly find what she was looking for.

    Things didn’t go much better when trying to find a venue and deciding on the music for her wedding.  We think Evelyn has just introduced the world to a new type of Bridezilla: the passive kind!

    Outside of wedding planning, Tamar is anxious to get back home to Los Angeles. Unfortunately, her hubby Vincent Herbert is in no rush to fly there from New York. Aside from that, Vince isn’t sure that Tamar has really dealt with all of her emotions from his very serious health scare.

    One doctor suggested that she’s got a bit of post-traumatic stress disorder from the harrowing experience. While Tamar has acknowledged that the doctor could be right, she hasn’t taken a lot of steps to manage it.

    Meanwhile, Towanda, Trina and Tamar are in Atlanta trying to figure out the details of their mother’s bachelorette party. However, we don’t imagine that Miss E gets down like her daughters.

    Specifically, she said that she does not want strippers at her party…so, of course, the girls go to audition some! It was all types of awkward, so Trina decided that perhaps hiring a stripper was not the best idea.


    It was a little more awkward when Papa Braxton called to congratulate Evelyn about her upcoming nuptials. Although he seemed genuinely happy for his ex-wife, Evelyn, on the other hand, was not too pleased with his well wishes, if simply for the fact that he wasn’t supposed to know about the wedding in the first place!

    She got even more upset when she found out that her girls had planned to get her a stripper. She went into full bridezilla mode at that point! The girls thought it would be funny, but Evelyn wasn’t getting the joke.


    —Sonya Eskridge

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