‘Basketball Wives’ recap: 3.6.12

    Kesha Nichols and Kenya Bell were at the center of the drama on Monday’s episode of "Basketball Wives."

    Tami Roman wanted to get down to the bottom of all the rumors she’d been hearing about Evelyn Lozada and Chad Ochocinco. 

    Evelyn wants Chad to "tighten up" because she’s heard a few too many rumors about her fiancé and his alleged philandering. So are they in an open relationship? Is Evelyn kicking him to the curb?

    No one knows for sure, but Tami was determined to find out. And she was equally determined to tell Evelyn that she better jump the broom if for no other reason than to validate her vehement support of their relationship.

    In New York, Kenya Bell was burning bridges as she opened auditions for video dancers.

    Last week, Kesha Nichols decided to withdraw her offer to supply Kenya with dancers, but she still showed up to support her castmate at the auditions. For some reason, Royce Reed was there too, although we’re not really sure why.

    While we initially thought that they may have been there to help critique dancers, that didn’t appear to be the case. So why were they there? Kenya needed Kesha and Royce there for a very special announcement and to eat a little humble pie.

    Essentially, it looked like Kenya wanted to thank everyone who came out to support her while throwing a little shade Kesha’s way.


    It may be about two episodes, Shaunie got the chance to meet the new recruits. 

    Unfortunately, Kesha and Kenya hadn’t really resolved their issues from the audition. 

    We were a little thrown by the dinner for the sheer fact that Evelyn and Tami were the voices of reason! We know Tami’s trying to turn a new leaf and be calm, cool and collected this season, but her fuse was extremely short last cycle.

    On the season premiere, Evelyn was about to get in Jennifer Williams’ face over a blog.

    So to see these two telling the newbies about how they needed to resolve their issues with each, was a departure from the norm. But they made up for it by kind of instigating the confrontation


    Kesha and Kenya ran into each other again at Royce’s charity event. Of course, there was the usual tension, but Suzie Ketcham stole the show after having a few too many drinks.

    In a weird way Suzie was able to bring the frienemies together for one cause: Keeping her in check. Who knows? She may have even prevented a fight!

    On a more serious note, it is never a good look to get sloshed in public. Just because there is a fully stocked bar does not mean you must always have a drink in your hand.

    It was also super-rude for Suzie to be so loud disrespectful during the ceremony. Sadly, you can’t invite everyone to everything.


    Professionally speaking, things didn’t get much better for Kenya when she sat down with Tami’s people from Diva Glam PR. 

    From what we saw on the show she was totally unprepared for her meeting with the team. She didn’t have any pictures, she couldn’t dance in her outfit and her look needed more than a little tweaking and polish.

    Did we mention the full size CD player in her purse?! It was a hot mess from beginning to end. There are almost no words to explain just no words how much awful was crammed into this meeting.

    I can’t really disagree with Tami for being a little offended with how Kenya came to the sitdown was not a good look for her.


    Tami took steps to getting her anger issues under control by going to therapy. "I don’t want to be mad all the time," Tami confessed.

    She revealed that she’s just angry for no reason. Apparently, she’s been through more than anyone may otherwise have realized: Rape, torture, abuse and threats on your life are not easy for anyone to get past.  Up until now it was hard for her to just let all of the negativity go.

    It was good to see her sit down, acknowledge her problems and start to heal.





    —Sonya Eskridge




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