Regina King talks ‘Boondocks’ season 4

    Regina King has confirmed that "The Boondocks" is closer to making its return to TV.

    Yet another star from "The Boondocks" has spoken out about the fate of the popular comic-strip-turned-cartoon-series. Before season 3 of the show debuted, Cartoon Network and Adult Swim announced that it would be the final season.

    Last year, however, John Witherspoon revealed during a radio interview that "The Boondocks" would be making a comeback. Now, Regina, who voiced main characters Huey and Riley Freeman, has confirmed John’s news.

    "I talked to Aaron [McGruder, the series creator] and it looks like they’re working things out. I’m trying to be positive," Regina told Sway on Shade 45. "Because you know you say one thing, and the next thing you know it just all fell apart."

    She summed up, "But it looks strong like we’re coming back."

    During her visit to Shade 45, a fan of the show asked whether there were plans to bring "The Boondocks" to the big screen.

    "Aaron is thinking about a movie. I’m pretty sure he’s done a rough draft of where you would want the movie to go," Regina revealed. "And I think he’s been talking to some financiers and you just might see that."

    Although she couldn’t say for sure which will happen first, Regina is confident that both projects will be completed.

    "I don’t know that you might see that before the show coming back. I’d like to venture out there and say that you’ll see the show and the movie."




    —Sonya Eskridge




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